The first reaction I had after reading this article is that our schools have failed us. The article is about the St. Cloud State College Republicans putting together a ‘wall’ that some snowflakes got upset about:

According to the article, some “students became so upset by the free speech wall they accused the College Republicans of ‘hate speech’ and ‘inciting violence’ during a heated February campus meeting over it. But even after a parade of his peers took to the mic and accused Eike and other GOP students of hatred, the international student stood his ground.”

At the anti-conservative tribunal, things quickly devolved:

“The student union held a meeting on the topic that can best be described as a trial. Students were shouting, standing, making thinly veiled threats, and making outrageous claims of what our organization is responsible for,” Eike told the foundation in a Feb. 3 report.

“Members of the student body can be heard stating that they wish to chop my head off, and they issue indirect threats such as that they hear people conspiring to commit acts of violence against me. I have previously been struck in the face in a school building, surrounded by upwards of 60 people, just for wearing a MAGA hat. Members of my organization have had acts of vandalism happen to campaign material they have hung up in their dorm,” Eike continued.

That’s disturbing. The anti-CRs complain about hate speech but the CRs have put up with acts of vandalism, angry mobs attempting to bully them and death threats. This video shows how intellectually feeble students are:

Saying that “hate speech shouldn’t be covered by the First Amendment” is frightening. Of course, it should be covered by the First Amendment. Popular speech doesn’t need protection. Provocative speech needs protecting. Further, saying that “hate speech promotes violence” is BS. The person speaking provocative things isn’t responsible for how the listener reacts. The listener is responsible for how he/she reacts. If the listener gets upset, that’s their responsibility. The listener has the option of not getting upset. Living life in a perpetual state of being offended is an option but what kind of life is that?

Our school system has fostered a thinking that every controversial statement is a micro-aggression that requires a hostile response. This is the thinking behind the Antifa movement. The people getting offended in the video are children intellectually. They aren’t adults. Their arguments are flimsy. Meanwhile, the CRs that are getting criticized for their ‘Wall’ are taking it all in and not reacting violently. They’re proving that hostile speech doesn’t incite violence. They’re proving that people have a choice in how they react.

I won’t argue that progressives are infantile intellectually. I’ll simply state that they aren’t as intellectually mature as the CRs in this instance.

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