It’s still far too early to know whether North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un is willing to give up his nuclear weapons program in exchange for the US promising not to militarily attacking his nation. Further, it’s entirely proper to be skeptical that Un is finally making a good faith proposal. It isn’t like he hasn’t tried conning past US presidents.

Still, the fact that President Trump has announced that he’ll meet face-to-face with Un before the start of May is stunning news.

When South Korea’s national security director Chung Eui-yong walked out to a set of microphones at the White House at 6:00 pm CT Thursday night, “he said the two world leaders agreed to meet by May. Trump tweeted: ‘Great progress being made but sanctions will remain until an agreement is reached. Meeting being planned!’ U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., praised the president’s efforts to denuclearize North Korea, saying that it ‘gives us the best hope’ to ‘peacefully’ resolve escalating tensions.”

Among those expressing skepticism is “Evan S. Medeiros, a former adviser in the Obama administration.” Medeiros “warned that Kim ‘played’ South Korean President Moon Jae-in and ‘is now playing Trump.’ Medeiros added, ‘Kim will never give up his nukes.'”

It’s entirely possible that Un won’t give up his nuclear weapons program. Still, reports that North Korea is essentially bankrupt point to the fact that President Trump’s policies are working. Eui-yong told reporters after meeting with Trump at the White House that “North Korea will refrain from any further nuclear or missile tests.” Further, “there was no insistence that the United States and South Korea suspend joint military exercises.”

Harry Kazianis is an expert on North Korea. In an interview with Tucker Carlson, he said something fascinating:

But there’s something that we’re missing. There’s a little bit of context. South Korea press about 2 weeks ago came out with some reports that were fascinating. They actually speculated that North Korea was actually on the verge of financial bankruptcy. By October, their foreign exchange reserves are probably going to be exhausted and their dollar reserves will be exhausted. That means that North Korea will essentially be bankrupt.

While there’s lots of justification for skepticism, there’s also ample information that justifies optimism. As Mr. Kazianis states in his interview, sometimes Hail Mary passes work. What do we have to lose?

2 Responses to “Is this Trump’s historic moment?”

  • eric z says:

    Mueller’s closing things out could be Trump’s historic moment. A Blue Wave and subsequent control of both houses could be his big moment. Not saying “will” but “could.”

  • Gary Gross says:

    Republicans will maintain their majority in the Senate. In fact, they’ll grow their majority. Trump’s strong economy will help hold seats in Michigan & Ohio.

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