It’s time to end what’s known as ‘rule by letter’ governance. Let’s finish it ASAP. ‘Rule by letter’ policies were implemented by, surprise, surprise, the Obama administration. Arne Duncan issued a ‘Dear Colleague’ letter in 2014 that threatened federal civil rights lawsuits “unless they reduce law-enforcement referrals, suspensions and expulsions of minority students.” The “2014 ‘Dear Colleague’ letter on school discipline” was “a joint guidance by the Education and Justice departments.”

Though the Obama administration is out of office, their policies live on. “Justice Department attorney Jeremy Thompson recently cited Broward and Miami-Dade as Florida school districts that have experienced ‘positive outcomes as a result of replacing zero-tolerance policies with restorative justice policies. By adopting programs similar to Miami-Dade and Broward County, other school districts can help eliminate the School-to-Prison Pipeline and decrease the disparate incarceration rates in the U.S.,’ Mr. Thompson said in the Feb. 2 edition of the Harvard Law and Policy Review.”

This ‘Dear Colleague Letter’ is what helped Nikolas Cruz escape discipline, which led to his shooting up Marjory Stoneman-Douglas HS. Why wouldn’t we totally scrap Mr. Holder’s program immediately? Here’s a possible reason why it won’t happen:

Any effort by Mrs. DeVos to overhaul the school-discipline directive undoubtedly would unleash a political outcry. “It’s almost a certainty that she will get clobbered by this by the education establishment, and it’s possible she’ll get clobbered about it by media establishment,” said Mr. Eden. “It’s my hope that with enough public debate and awareness, it will become, ‘The guidance tried to address it, it went too far, and we need a more balanced approach.'”

Libertarians like Rand Paul and Kennedy will be upset. Scheming progressives like Eric Holder will threaten lawsuits. Let them file lawsuits, then defend their lawsuits. I can’t wait to hear Democrats explain why thugs like Cruz deserve kid glove treatment while plotting their mass murder raids.

The students that everyone was praising are starting to show their true (progressive) colors. They’re showing that they’re really just pawns of organizations like Moms Demand Action or Everytown.

These students have gone through a ton of stuff that I wish they’d never gone through. That doesn’t mean I should be expected to tolerate their disrespectful actions. The types of things they’ve endured doesn’t mean they get to act like brats.

The bottom line is this: it’s time to fix the Obama administration’s mistakes. Tolerating policies that have gotten students killed isn’t acceptable.

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