If the debate and vote in the House Transportation Finance Committee indicates anything, it’s proof that the DFL, Gov. Dayton included, isn’t interested in accountability for the MNLARS fiasco. Rep. Frank Hornstein’s amendments prove that.

Rep. Hornstein insisted that his amendments had to be passed immediately, saying “‘We have to act now.’ He proposed another version of the bill at the House Transportation Finance Committee meeting that did not include the executive agency budget cuts or progress reports. It was rejected on a party-line vote in the Republican-dominated committee.”

Seriously? Rep. Hornstein, what do you have against the people and the legislature getting progress reports? Don’t you or the DFL think that accountability is important? Further, cutting the executive budget is important. The Dayton administration screwed things up. Taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay to fix the DFL’s mistakes.

This article is filled with DFL BS. At first, I didn’t know where to start. Then this popped off the page at me:

Dayton initially downplayed the problems and accused critics of playing politics, but he has since taken responsibility.

That’s significant when combined with this:

“I’ve really come to believe that there are some legislators who don’t want us to improve MNLARS,” Dayton told reporters Tuesday morning. He then accused Republicans of trying to score political points: “I’ve said all along I’m to blame for this. My administration is to blame. I’m to blame. … As long as they keep bashing this, it’s good political fodder.”

Let’s get this straight. Gov. Dayton initially accused Republicans of grandstanding on MNLARS but he’s “said all along I’m to blame for this.” It can’t be both. Gov. Dayton and the DFL didn’t admit that they’d screwed up MNLARS until the outrage by people and businesses got loud and didn’t disappear. Why should these people pay for Gov. Dayton’s foolishness?

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  • Chad Q says:

    The DFL and especially Dayton have always thought of the tax paying citizens merely as peasants who have no right to question what THEY want to do with THEIR money so why would this be any different?

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