Kurt Schlichter is onto something in his newest column when he wrote “No one who wants us to give up our guns does so because they want us to be more able to defend ourselves from crime or tyranny. Their agenda is clear, no matter how much they lie and deny. Disarmament is key to converting us from citizens to subjects, and we’re just not playing that game. So they mutter about the NRA, which you need to join if you dig freedom, and we keep buying guns and ammunition to create the facts on the ground that will ensure their long-sought after end state of another Venezuela will never happen here.

After last week’s shooting, Democrats reflexively jumped back onto the gun control bandwagon. That was handed a stinging setback on Friday. That’s when the FBI admitted that they’d recently received specific information that was actionable, then didn’t follow up on the tip that might’ve saved 17 lives.

Thus far, I haven’t heard anyone say that the US should adopt Australia’s gun laws — yet. President Obama and Secretary Clinton have touted those laws in the past as a model the US should follow. They talked specifically about Australia’s ‘gun buyback’, which was actually a gun confiscation program:

The crucial fact they omit is that the buyback program was mandatory. Australia’s vaunted gun buyback program was in fact a sweeping program of gun confiscation. Only the articles from USA Today and the Washington Post cited above contain the crucial information that the buyback was compulsory. The article by Smith-Spark, the latest entry in the genre, assuredly does not. It’s the most important detail about the main provision of Australia’s gun laws, and pundits ignore it. That’s like writing an article about how Obamacare works without once mentioning the individual mandate.

In this video, Mark Halperin took time to engage in a debate with Charles C.W. Cooke on gun control:

Saying that it didn’t end well for Halperin is understatement. Halperin initially states “I agree with the President. People have to find solutions to this and not talk about what won’t work and that it’s so complicated. We can’t be the only country in the world that’s like this.” Cooke quickly replies “Alright then, what’s your plan?” Halperin spends the next minute dodging and slipping Cooke’s question. Ultimately, Halperin’s answer is that he isn’t a “gun policy expert.” Talk about stating the obvious.

What’s required is to harden the schools. Have only 1 entry/exit point. Shut and lock the doors when school starts anyone wanting in or out has to ring the alarm and be let in. It’d be great if government didn’t miss the tips they’d received about the various shooters, most recently, the Parkland shooter.

What’s painfully obvious is that Democrats are ideology-driven, not solutions-driven. That’s why the generic ballot is trending away from them.

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