Based on this article, I’m betting that Gov. Tim Pawlenty wants his old job back. The article opens by saying “Tim Pawlenty is stepping down as the leader of the Financial Services Roundtable, the industry group announced on Tuesday, as speculation grows about his possible entry into the Minnesota governor’s race.”

I can’t picture this article as anything but an unofficial announcement of his candidacy. You don’t leave a lucrative position if you aren’t running for office.

Last week, a former top aide to Pawlenty, Brian McClung, told Fox News that he is seeking more input. “Gov. Pawlenty is considering running for governor and will be talking with Minnesotans over the coming weeks to assess support and gather advice,” he said, according to Fox.

That was last week. I suspect this announcement isn’t accidental in that today is the day of Minnesota’s precinct caucuses, the official start of the election cycle.

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  • eric z says:

    Emailed you the Strib link. Walking from a $2.6 million per annum, he’s up to something, that’s for sure.

    Now, if Miclele Bachmann were to only get a tweet from God to do as she did in Iowa, it would be pop the popcorn and watch the show.

    He even looks a bit like Scott Walker. Back from the country club to Sam’s Club?

  • Rex Newman says:

    If he’s running, timing seems bad, wasn’t on straw poll at tonight’s caucus. On the other hand, he wouldn’t have done well. Going straight to convention? Like Jen Bush was planning?
    Slogan: Tim!

  • Gary Gross says:

    I think that’s largely irrelevant, Rex. His name recognition is 100%. This time, he’ll be compared with Gov. Goofy, which isn’t a high bar. The other thing that’s changed is that he had to deal with a mediocre economy and a DFL supermajority his entire 2nd term. This time, it’s likely that, if he’s elected, he’d have a unified GOP legislature.

    Slogan: I’m not Gov. Goofy.

  • eric z says:

    Vlad Putin has name recognition, and is our President.

  • Rexnewman says:

    That’s TPaw’s problem, his 100% name recognition. “Oh yeah, the guy who gave Northstar, got rolled by Senate DFL, flipped on stadium, tip credit, biofuels, betrayed his early supporters – name calling in fact. Paw-lenty of video for DFL ads and for once they won’t even have to lie!

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