When President Trump gives his first State of the Union address, he’ll say that the state of our union is strong. Though Democrats, especially the ones boycotting the tone-setting speech, will disagree with that, President Trump will be right. The economy is the best it’s been in years. Our enemies, especially ISIS, are in a weakened state. The Trump/GOP tax cuts are working better than expected. Deregulation is unleashing small businesses so they can do what they do best, which is create jobs through innovation and creativity.

With all that being said, the state of part of our union is weaker than it’s been in years. That part of the union is the part that’s constantly resisting, constantly rejecting, constantly heckling. That part of the union is often referred to as the Democratic Party. They’re still the party that doesn’t have original ideas. They’re still the people who think everyone that disagrees with them is a racist, homophobe or Islamophobe. Today’s Democratic Party can’t just disagree with people. Today’s Democratic Party is filled with people who have to think that people they disagree with are evil. That’s what this Pelosi diatribe is about:

I’m predicting that President Trump will be the biggest winner Tuesday night, mostly because his policies are sensible and the American people agree with him on border security, ending chain migration and cutting taxes. When the Trump/GOP tax plan passed, its approval rating was in the mid-twenties. Now, it’s in the mid-forties. When people start noticing that their taxes are actually less, they’ll be happy. At that point, people won’t buy the Democrats’ doom-and-gloom talking points.

Mercedes Schlapp is a White House communications director. In this interview, she sounded an upbeat, optimistic tone:

President Obama talked about hope and change, then he underdelivered. President Trump hasn’t overpromised and underdelivered. He’s delivered. Jobs are being created. Wages are going up dramatically. Consumer confidence is soaring.

Finally, economic forecasts just aren’t complete without a healthy dose of Art Laffer to boost the spirits. Check this out and feel better:

If that doesn’t make your heart sing, you’re part of the union that isn’t strong.

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