Anyone that thinks Republicans are in a difficult situation on immigration isn’t paying attention. This week, Chuck Schumer took to Twitter, saying “The clock is ticking for #Dreamers. If we don’t solve this problem in 15 days, the Republicans are going to have to explain to dreamers what their plan is to prevent them from being deported.” Unfortunately for Sen. Schumer, President Trump is putting Sen. Schumer and other Democrats in a difficult position.

President Trump has put Democrats in a tricky situation because the Trump administration “proposal on immigration will contain a path to citizenship for up to 1.8 million young people brought into the United States as children as part of a package that also includes $25 billion for a border wall and other security measures. President Trump’s plan would also include a massive cut in family-based immigration and the end to a diversity visa lottery system that gives preference to immigrants from under-represented countries, according to a White House briefing for congressional staffers and Trump allies hosted by White House senior adviser Stephen Miller.”

Whether they’ll admit it or not, Democrats can’t vote against this bill because it’s what DREAMers want most. Voting against it, then saying that they weren’t willing to compromise with Republicans on a once-in-a-lifetime offer won’t sit well with DACA recipients.

If Sen. Schumer thought he got tough treatment over shutting down government, he hasn’t seen anything yet. Americans of all political stripes will see Democrats exposed as phonies. They’ve told Hispanics that Republicans are racists and that Democrats are their saviors. If Democrats filibuster this bill, that façade will disappear instantly. This tweet will haunt Democrats for years:

In this year’s mid-term election, Republicans will benefit by being seen as reasonable. Democrats will be hurt for looking unreasonable.

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