According to CNN’s article, Sen. Schumer is looking for a reset in negotiations with the Trump administration on immigration, saying “We’re starting over. I took our thing off — they took their thing off the table, I took our thing, we’re starting over.” That’s the Democrats’ official statement but it’s meaningless.

In an interview with FNC’s Harris Faulkner, Sen. Mike Rounds was asked about negotiations. Ms. Faulkner said “I’m hearing that some of the talks are frosty, chilly. How would you describe them?” Sen. Rounds’ replied, saying “Well, I think once you get down to where the talks are actually going on, I think they’re going pretty well. Our discussions with rank-and-file — I think we’re making progress. I know that Sen. Schumer has to take a hardline — his far-left base is gonna demand that of him but I think the President responded to him very well, making it very clear that border security is part of any arrangement concerning a DACA agreement. And he’s absolutely correct and that’s the direction we’re going in and we’re really not hearing any disagreement among Democrats who are actually trying to find a solution.”

Another thing that’s changing the dynamic of this debate is that the Trump administration will be releasing a framework for what it’ll take to find a DACA fix. According to the article, Ms. Sanders “declined to provide details about what would be included in the framework, including whether it would provide a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who came to the US as children, known as Dreamers, signaling only that it will represent ‘a compromise that members of both parties can support.'”

There’s no question that Sen. Schumer is facing a ton of pressure from the special interests not to cave. That’s virtually a mission impossible. Red state Democrats will almost certainly have to vote for the things that President Trump wants. If they don’t, they’ll sign their political death certificate this November.

There’s no hiding on this high profile issue. With people this engaged, it’s pretty much impossible to hide. It’s decision time.

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