After reading this article, I’m questioning whether the DFL has written off southern Minnesota. According to the article, “Three of the six DFL gubernatorial hopefuls shared similar opinions on state topics on Saturday during a forum at Southwest Middle School in Albert Lea. Announced candidates Tina Liebling, Paul Thissen and Erin Murphy participated in the debate. Not attending were the other three announced DFL gubernatorial candidates are Minnesota Auditor Rebecca Otto, former St. Paul mayor Chris Coleman and 1st District Congressman Tim Walz.”

The DFL will argue that Walz had to be in DC to vote against reopening the government. That’s a fair point. Still, I’d argue that southern Minnesota isn’t nearly as hospitable towards Rep. Walz as it once was. As for Rebecca Otto and Mayor Coleman, their decisions are justifiable in that their name ID is virtually nonexistent and the chances of stirring up support is minimal. Here’s the group that actually participated:

This paragraph sounds familiar:

Thissen suggested Minnesota adopt a similar approach to California, where, according to National Public Radio, state Senate leader Kevin de Leon proposed taxpayers give to a new state-run charitable fund in exchange for a refund on state income taxes. Thissen said he supports the state being stable fiscally and balancing the budget without disproportionately affecting the poor.

President Trump has a better idea. It’s called growing the economy. The DFL hasn’t thought of that since Perpich was governor.

California’s difficulties are like Minnesota’s in that Democrats think spending on every news item is a core government function. The truth is that the DFL can’t properly identify government’s essential responsibilities. Until the DFL figure that out, they’ll continue losing elections in rural Minnesota.

This is typical DFL giveaway stuff:

To address college debt, Liebling advocated the state waive tuition costs for two years at its colleges to trim student debt, correlating the rise in student debt to decreases in education funding. “This is a public good,” she said. “It builds our state.”

Thissen said the state should adopt a system where students pay a certain amount of their income toward college debt for 10 years, with the public picking up the rest of the cost. Murphy said “it is a sin from my perspective that the federal government is making money off of loans.”

Here’s a revolutionary thought. How about letting parents save for their kids’ education, thereby reducing the amount of money students have to borrow?

Think of it as a 401(k) for college, not retirement. Here’s another revolutionary thought. Minnesota could give tax breaks to corporations that contribute to their employees’ college savings accounts. This isn’t a giveaway. It’s smart tax policy.

Truer words were never spoken:

The three candidates discussed their support for Dreamers, a group of nearly 700,000 undocumented immigrants who were brought to the country illegally as children, and they disagreed with President Donald Trump’s decision to rescind the program. Dreamers, granted legal protection by the administration of former President Barack Obama by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is now in limbo as a government shutdown started over the weekend. “It is our job to protect Minnesotans,” Murphy said. “That is how we will continue to grow the state.”

That’s especially true for Minnesota. Native-born Minnesotans are leaving. The only way to grow the population is by accepting illegal immigrants and refugees. The bad news to that is that those demographic groups do poorly economically for more than a generation.

That isn’t opinion. It’s official statistically according to the Minnesota State Demographer.

What planet are these candidates from?

The three candidates said there is a need for transit systems to operate in rural areas. Liebling said substantial funding is needed to ensure rural transportation needs are met. “This is about all of us,” she said. “This is about the economy.”

Support for transit systems in rural Minnesota is virtually nonexistent. The DFL is delusional if they think otherwise.

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