After reading Rich Lowry’s column, especially the closing, it’s apparent that DC Republicans don’t understand what just happened.

When Lowry says “There’s still a good chance that Democrats can force a bad DACA deal, given that the GOP is divided on immigration and Trump might be tempted to sign up for anything as long as there’s notional funding for a Wall.” With all due respect, the chances of Trump settling for token funding for a wall ignores what Sen. Schumer already offered in negotiations this weekend. Once something’s offered, it’s virtually impossible to retract that offer.

Further, we’ve seen proof that President Trump is perfectly willing to criticize Republicans. (Think Lindsey Graham.) Lowry should think of President Trump as a hockey goalie. Lowry should think of President Trump as the Republicans’ last line of defense.

With all due respect to Lowry, nothing Trump’s done indicates he’s anything but an immigration hardliner. I can’t deny the fact that, at times, he’s impulsive. Still, he’s got enough people around him (think John Kelly, Stephen Miller and Tom Cotton) who won’t let him sign a bad deal.

Ben Shapiro made a compelling argument that Trump and Republicans would win the next round, too:

The shutdown was pretty lopsided. Sen. Schumer got crushed. President Trump won handily. When it comes to border security, the American people agree with President Trump. The average American wants DACA recipients protected but they also want to be protected from MS-13. They don’t want drug cartels and human traffickers leisurely waltzing across the border. They want cartel-related crimes stopped. Those dynamics favor Republicans overwhelmingly.

Finally, does anyone think Democrats have a fighting chance of prevailing on not increasing military spending? Democrats will have to cave quickly on that.

It’s time for Republicans to learn how to be victorious. People thought President Trump shouldn’t be taken seriously when he predicted that Americans would get tired of winning. After winning bigtime on the Trump/GOP tax cuts, then winning bigtime on the shutdown, it’s time for Republicans to realize the people aren’t with the Democrats.

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