Loyal readers of LFR, it’s time once again to host my semi-annual fundraiser. In the past, the money I’ve raised has paid for materials covered by Minnesota Data Practices Act requests as well as routine expenses like internet service or covering city council meetings or, in even-numbered years, candidate forums.

With the St. Cloud Times being afraid to tell the story about refugee resettlement expenses and because of their shrinking commitment to covering local events and politics, their already paltry coverage of the news will shrink even further.

I pride myself on original reporting as well as insightful commentary of the day’s events so I’d appreciate contributions of any size to help defray some of these expenses. To contribute electronically, just click the donate button at the top of the right sidebar. If you want to contribute but don’t want to contribute electronically, email me at gmg425 -at- charter -dot- net.

Thanks in advance for your support.

3 Responses to “Semi-annual fundraiser”

  • John Palmer says:

    Gary don’t forget the matching challenge a few good friends of LFR blog are offering. If some one gives $100 it will double to 200. The friends have raised enough to match up to $1000 in contributions. Readers how can you pass this opportunity up. Let’s make sure the full $1000 get’s used and LFR blog will have much needed resources to continue the good work being done to tell the stories that need telling. jwp

  • Crimson Trace says:

    The Trace will match dollar for dollar up to & including $300.

  • eric z says:

    Gary, I feel your need. After November you should repost. Right now my limited resources are extended writing contribution checks in denominations of twenty-seven dollars to candidates I wish to see winning. I feel their need. Not as much aimed against Republicans as in favor of progressives who have to contest GOP-lite Rockefeller Dems like multimillionaires Pelosi and Feinstein. We persevere to improve the brand. Bernie set the tone. Onward and upward. But I am kind of upset that Republicans, in general the wealthier in the nation, don’t support you more intensively. What you are doing has merit.

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