The biggest problem that the Democrats have is that they can’t tell the truth about the Graham-Durbin disgrace. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly explained that the Graham-Durbin legislation was bipartisan. That’s the only criteria President Trump established that the legislation met, according to Kelly, who said “According to Kelly, while the bill was bipartisan in the sense it was crafted by lawmakers of both parties in the Senate, members of the House and Republican Sens. David Perdue of Georgia, Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Thom Tillis of North Carolina should have been included in the discussions. ‘It did not include all of the senators that had been involved in the discussions about DACA, and certainly did not involve the House,’ he said. ‘And the president has said from the beginning, this has got to be bipartisan, and unless it involves the House as well as the Senate, it’s going to go down as a bill that is not going to pass into law.'”

Sen. Graham knew that including Sen. Cotton in the negotiations would produce a different outcome, either in the form of Sen. Cotton rejecting Sen. Graham’s and Sen. Durbin’s proposal or in the form of Sen. Durbin rejecting Sen. Cotton’s demands. Knowing this, Sen. Graham knew that he had to exclude any immigration hawks.

Kelly laid things out perfectly in this article:

The President that I work for wants 700,000 or so DACA recipients, the vast majority of whom are now adults, to have a way to stay in the United States legally. He wants that. That’s a given. But what we cannot have is a unprotected, unsecured southwest border that five, six, seven years from now, we have another group of 600 or 700,000 DACA people.

The Graham-Durbin bill contains $1,500,000,000 of funding for the wall, whereas President Trump requested $21,600,000,000 for funding the wall. The Graham-Durbin travesty fell 90+ percent short of the amount President Trump requested. No wonder President Trump was upset. It isn’t surprising that President Trump has lost all trust in Sen. Durbin.

The deal would have been ‘horrible’ for security, Trump said, according to the wire service, and would not have allowed enough funding for construction of a U.S.-Mexico border wall. Trump also said the Durbin-Graham proposal would have been weak in terms of curbing visas for immigrants’ extended family members and did not end a lottery program, both things he wanted to see in an immigration deal.

After watching this video, I understand why President Trump wouldn’t trust Sen. Durbin:

Less than 30 seconds into the press conference, Sen. Durbin said that Republicans hadn’t put together a proposal dealing with DACA. That’s a lie. In the House, Bob Goodlatte, Martha McSally, Michael McCaul and Raul Labrador introduced a bill that meets all 4 of President Trump’s criteria. When they submitted the bill, they issued this statement.

I’d expect that Sen. Durbin wouldn’t agree with much in the bill. That’s different, though, than saying a Republican proposal doesn’t exist. Rep. McSally said this about the bill:

Our unsecure border and broken immigration system threaten our country’s safety and prosperity; no one knows this better than Arizona. As if the most recent terrorist attacks don’t stand as reason enough, sophisticated drug cartels, human traffickers, and an opioid crisis all point to the need for action. Now is the time.

Our legislation finally strengthens America’s borders. It moves us towards a merit-based immigration system. It includes funds for necessary infrastructure, interior law enforcement, a biometric exit-entry system, and an e-verify system for employers so that our immigration laws are enforced. It cracks down on sanctuary cities and focuses on public safety of our citizens like Kate Steinle who was killed by a man deported 5 times. And it also puts more boots on the border and supports our Border Patrol Agents and CBP officers on the frontlines. America is the most generous and welcoming nation in the world, and that will continue. But we won’t be taken advantage of any longer. This bill delivers on what the American people want and what our President has requested, and I urge my colleagues to join us and support it.

Democrats won’t support this bill because they aren’t serious about enforcing the Tex-Mex border.

What’s needed to pass this bill are about 5-6 more Republicans in the Senate and a significant Republican majority in the House.

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