This post, written and researched by Catrin Thorman of the Center for the American Experiment, exposes Democrats as dishonest people willing to misrepresent their political beliefs to deliver a shocking message.

Thorman wrote about a “billboard criticizing President Donald Trump located on Highway 52 near Hampton, Minnesota”, saying that the “sign shows a photograph of Trump accompanied by the words ‘Big Mistake’ and the name of the group responsible for sponsoring the billboard: Republicans for Honesty in Government.”

Thanks to Thorman’s digging, we learn that, according “to Minnesota Secretary of State records, Republicans for Honesty in Government was registered as a non-profit corporation in 2006 by its president Robert P. Johnson, as reported by Snopes. In 2009, the non-profit disbanded and was then reinstated March 2017. The registered office address is home to AEI Capital Corporation—a St. Paul-based real estate investment firm—where Mr. Johnson is the founder and president.”

Further, using “Federal Election Commission records, Snopes confirmed a ‘Robert P. Johnson,’ ‘Robert Johnson,’ or a ‘Bob Johnson’ from Hampton, MN donated $43,830.50 to DFL and Democratic candidates or political action committees since 2004. (I used the same names and location to look up his individual contributions listed on the Federal Election Commission website and found records totaling $46,180.50 since 2004.”

It’s pretty clear that Republicans for Honesty in Government are really dishonest Democrats. To quote Mike Dukakis, “If it walks like a duck and squawks like a duck, it must be a duck. Using that logic, if they contribute to Democrats, they must be Democrats.

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