It either takes a friend or a biased partisan to defend Al Franken’s behavior. Wy Spano, a longtime DFL operative and liberal crank, might be both. His op-ed offers an insight into the DFL mindset about Franken. It isn’t pretty.

First, Spano said that “Franken got hosed.” Then he admitted that “the women of the Senate were complicit in the hosing.” Wy, they weren’t complicit in the hosing. They threw Franken under the bus because they put their presidential ambitions ahead of everything else. These were Democrats throwing Franken out. Further, they admitted that they planned the attack. If Spano is upset, he should tar and feather Democrats. Criticizing Democrats without calling them Democrats is the coward’s option.

Earlier in the op-ed, Spano said “Because I think Al Franken got a bum rap and was driven from office by members of his own party. We had the most effective Democratic senator on women’s issues and on helping to elect Democrats, and then we didn’t.” Later, he said that Franken “led on women’s issues.”

My only question about that last statement would be whether Franken led on women’s issues like Ted Kennedy, Harvey Weinstein and Bill Clinton led on women’s issues. What Spano doesn’t seem to understand is that Franken was a pervert through and through.

This statement jumps out:

Franken’s military escort on the tour said he was with Franken every minute and didn’t see what she described.

I question whether this statement is accurate. First, I wonder if Spano knows the name of Franken’s military escort. If he doesn’t, I’d question whether Spano is accepting Franken’s word or whether Spano confirmed it independently. I’m betting it’s the former. That isn’t true verification. That’s accepting gossip.

Then there’s this:

What about the other seven accusers? We’ll never know if their experience with Franken rose to the level of harassment. Individual women became victim, prosecutor, judge and jury.

It’s true these cases never got tried in court. That isn’t the accusers’ fault. That’s the fault of female Democrat senators with political ambitions. Spano is a slick operator in that he skillfully directs the accusations at Franken’s accusers even though they’ve done nothing wrong.

In Lindsay Menz’s case, was she supposed to let Franken put his hand on her ass? Finally, does this look like a guy telling the truth?

2 Responses to “Wy Spano defends Franken”

  • eric z says:

    How about the latest Bannon? Ivanka dumb as a brick?

    And yet on dumbness, Bannon was a Roy Moore man from the start of Luther Strange’s strange political comeuppance.

    With all that, why are you obsessing over Franken? The news now is Tina Smith; and the Michele Bachmann possible candidacy. Franken chose to step down, did, and Smith is Minnesota’s junior Senator. Move on.

  • Gary Gross says:

    I met Bannon in 2011. He’s a disgusting human being. I wouldn’t trust anything he says but that’s just me. As for Smith, she’s a typical Metrocrat that doesn’t care about blue collar workers. You haven’t noticed that the DFL has morphed into the white collar party, filled with public employee unions, nonprofits & other entities that rely on big government connecting with big business. The DFL isn’t the Party of Wellstone anymore. The DFL doesn’t side with the miners & construction workers anymore. Instead, the DFL consistently sides with the check-writing environmentalists.

    BTW, that’s why Trump’s president & Hillary isn’t. BTW, Smith is filling in now but that seat isn’t her exclusive property.

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