One thing that I didn’t include in this post about Rick Nolan’s dishonesty about the Trump tax cuts is the pettiness Rep. Nolan shows. When he said “At best, you’re going to get enough money to buy the hubcap on a Mercedes-Benz” but that the “super-millionaires and billionaires, they’ll be buying whole cars, if not fleets of them, with their tax breaks”, what’s really happening is that Rep. Nolan is saying that the very substantial middle class tax cuts contained in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act don’t exist. For a married couple with 2 kids, the first $24,000 of income isn’t taxed. That’s a 100% increase from this year’s income. Second, the per child tax credit was increased, too.

Rep. Nolan, I’d love hearing you explain how families in the Eighth District will pay more under the new tax rates than they’re paying now. Further, I’d challenge you to cite specific provisions in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to prove your argument.

Readers, I’m not holding my breath waiting for Nolan’s explanation. That’s because I think he’s too dishonest to ‘prove’ his claims by citing provisions in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Rep. Nolan won’t try proving it with my stipulations because he’s a liar.

Another thing that’s noteworthy about Rep. Nolan’s statement is the implication that I should be upset that I’m getting a substantial tax cut while someone who’s taking much bigger risks with their money is getting a bigger tax cut. What type of sick person thinks like that? I don’t. Pay me a solid wage and the complete set of benefits and I’m happy. If I get a significant tax cut that lets me keep a bigger portion of my salary, I’m a happy camper. If someone gets more than me, I’m happy for him and his family, too.

This video verifies as fact that Rep. Nolan thinks only in terms of bitterness and class warfare:

We don’t need bitter people in politics. We need people in politics who celebrate everyone’s successes. We don’t need people in politics who think that one man’s victory is another man’s defeat. We need people in politics who see everyone’s successes as — well — successes.

Rick Nolan’s ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ style of politics is killing America. Aren’t we all supposed to be in this together? Didn’t we celebrate when rich people did well and the middle class won, too? In Nolan’s world, he only celebrates one set of winners. It’s sad that Rep. Nolan is too bitter and jealous to celebrate everyone’s successes.

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