According to this article, Sen. Manchin seems more than a little confused about what his position is about the Trump tax cuts. That isn’t the only confusion happening in Sen. Manchin’s mind. When “West Virginia radio talk show host Hoppy Kercheval asked the senator why he opposed legislation that will benefit the ‘vast majority’ of taxpayers and businesses in the state”, Sen. Manchin admitted “There‚Äôs some good in this bill. I acknowledge that.”

Apparently, Sen. Manchin isn’t ashamed of talking out of both sides of his mouth. According to the article, “Manchin’s official Twitter account posted the tweet Wednesday morning, one day after the senator voted against the GOP tax-cut plan. But by the afternoon, the office had deleted that picture and reposted the tweet with a picture of the two men standing alongside each other, instead of one where the two men were giving a thumbs-up sign.”

I’d love hearing Sen. Manchin explain why he voted against the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act after saying that the bill has “some good in the bill.” I’d especially love hearing Sen. Manchin explain why he’d pose for a picture with a big thumbs up with President Trump, then vote against the bill that he said had “some good in this bill.”

At the end of this interview, Speaker Ryan said that, at the end, he thought they might get Sen. Manchin’s vote for the tax cuts:

Apparently, the terms moderate Democrats and Blue Dog Democrats essentially don’t exist.

4 Responses to “Joe Manchin must be confused”

  • eric z says:

    Republican-lite is confusing.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Actually, being a man of little integrity is confusing. Then again, being a man of passionate, ill-advised beliefs (think socialism, aka Bernie) isn’t any better than being dishonest.

  • eric z says:

    Democratic socialism is a very honest and integrated world view. Just as some could segue from Never-Trump to embrace the man, and Pence likely calling the shots, one may grow to see the TRUE light – as an epiphany on the way to Damascus.

    You would be welcome into the democratic socialism world, Gary, all you’d have to do is make the transit.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Why would I embrace a system that’s always failed? I prefer things that work. You should learn from this guy:

    Socialists think there’s such a thing as a free lunch. There isn’t. It’s true that, with socialism, some costs are craftily hidden but they still exist. Similarly, socialism is betting against human nature. That’s why it relies heavily on forcing people to do things socialists deem as worthwhile. While that might work in the short-term, it always fails in the long-term.

    There’s an old saying that says socialists don’t mind the poor getting poorer as long as the rich stop getting rich. The capitalist doesn’t mind the rich getting richer as long as the poor have a chance of getting rich, too. By that standard, isn’t capitalism more humane than socialism?

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