If there wasn’t video of Suzanne Malveaux saying it, I wouldn’t have believed she’d said something so stupid. During Ms. Malveaux’s reporting, she stated “Make no mistake about this. This is very similar to what we saw in 2010 with Democrats and Obamacare, which was highly unpopular and it was along partisan lines, many people, including Nancy Pelosi, saying that they hadn’t read the bill in its entirety. Well, now Republicans, they too are looking at this very unpopular legislation, are making the case that as more people learn more about it, or see or feel the effects of it, the more that they will approve or like it.”

With all due respect to Ms. Malveaux, the Tax Cut and Jobs Act is virtually totally dissimilar from the ACA. With the ACA, the government told people that they had to either buy a product they didn’t choose to buy or they’d pay a fine for not buying a product they didn’t want to buy. With these tax cuts, the government is telling people that they can keep more of the money that they earned. I’d love hearing Ms. Malveaux explain how being told that you can keep the money you earned is the same as being told that you have to spend the money you’ve earned in a way that the government tells you to spend it.

Like I said, they’re virtually opposites.

Meanwhile, Democrats are betting that the media’s biased reporting will create a wave that will help them win back a majority in either the House or Senate. That’s a terrible bet:

The passage of an unpopular GOP tax bill going into a hostile midterm election rings with discomforting familiarity. It’s 2010 all over again, but in a starkly reverse image.

In August, 2009, the American people showed up at town hall meetings and told Democrats not to pass the ACA. When did anyone show up at a taxes town hall and do this?

It didn’t happen with taxes. It repeatedly happened with Obamacare. Again, the comparisons are ridiculous. Later, at the same townhall meeting, this young lady spoke:

Then Steve Israel said this:

Having failed to pass any significant measures to excite their base, Republicans are caught between probably losing their majority next year by passing no bill and possibly losing their majority next year by passing a bad bill. It’s a dangerous midterm calculation when you have to throw a bone to your base that a broad majority of voters are choking on.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind people that Israel chaired the DCCC in 2012 and 2014. Those weren’t great years for Democrats so his analysis isn’t bulletproof by any stretch. Finally, there’s this:

In March 2010, there was explosive applause on the House floor when ObamaCare passed. In the Members Only elevator returning us to our offices, Republicans had Cheshire Cat grins. They knew that we may have won the legislative battle, but we may have lost our majority.

Republicans knew in 2009 that Democrats had lost their majority. I remember talking with Michael Barone about how the polling hadn’t moved much since August, 2009. Sure, there were some ups and downs but they weren’t high highs, just extremely low lows for Democrats. We haven’t seen anything like that this cycle.

Further, Republicans had a positive agenda to run on in 2010. Democrats are still fighting amongst themselves about whether impeaching President Trump is enough or whether they need a socialist economic message needs to be included. Whichever direction Democrats take, they’ll be forced to take an unpopular path to the majority.

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  • JerryE9 says:

    There seems to be a widening consensus among Democrats that they not only need to impeach Trump but to TAKE AWAY the tax cuts that everybody will be seeing all next year. Please, please throw us in that briar patch! Remember, the rich folks from blue states who will pay more won’t see that until April 2019, AFTER the election. Until then, everybody will be seeing more money in their pockets.

    Yes, it is opposite the ACA. Republicans won promising repeal. Democrats lose promising repeal of the tax cuts.

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