Natalie Ringsmuth must be a physically fit woman because she’s constantly jumping to conclusions. According to Ms. Ringsmuth, there’s a new group in St. Cloud that’s “trying to normalize the fact that refugees are not welcome here.” The name of the organization is C-Cubed.

According to their statement from Dec. 11, 2017, C-Cubed first met November 17th with the mission of coordinating “activities focused on internal and external communication, data analysis, candidate recruitment while monitoring the activities of the St. Cloud City Council, the Stearns County Board and ISD 742 School Board related to the impact of resettlement of refugees on our community.” Part of that “data analysis group has begun creation of a data warehouse containing data on the impact of refugee resettlement from a wide variety of sources. Analysis will be focused on the impact of resettlement on our community’s economy, housing, health, education, and public safety systems.”

Nattering Natalie’s negativity is trained on citizens who are worried about local government decisions and the financial impact their policies have on taxpayers. It didn’t take Ms. Ringsmuth long to jump from citizens wanting to know how refugees impact St. Cloud’s “economy, housing, health, education, and public safety systems” to that being proof the members of C-Cubed want to send the message that “refugees aren’t welcome here.”

This is all you need to know about Ms. Ringsmuth’s assumptions:

Often we allow misinformation and dehumanizing stereotypes to make untrue assumptions of our neighbors. By telling our stories, YOUR story, we can give a face to the disenfranchised and show others that there is more to each issue than meets the eye.

LGBTQ+, Muslims, Christians, Immigrants, Disabled, Homeless, Poor, Women, Whites, Blacks, and on and on. We all have biases. They influence how we treat each other. You don’t have to agree with your neighbor’s lifestyle to promote a culture of respect. You don’t have to agree on anything to be kind. Our commonality is based in our humanness. Take time to look your neighbor in the eye, learn their story, and see how much we all hold in common.

Our Vision
#unitecloud seeks to foster an empathetic community that chooses to stand up for one another regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, abilities, or socio-economic background. We believe that our commitment to this vision will lead to a sense of greater safety and hope and a decrease in fear and suspicion of those who are different from us.

In other words, #UniteCloud automatically assumes that we’re bigots that need to be taught how not to assume the worst about those not like us. Ms. Ringsmuth needs to stop jumping to conclusions based on misinformation.

4 Responses to “Nattering Natalie’s negativity”

  • eric z says:

    “Nattering Natalie’s negativity.”

    That headline has to have Spiro spiraling in his sepulchre.

  • Dave Steckling says:

    Negative Natalie works for an attorney who assists refugees. Let’s see now —> more refugees = more business for attorney. Fewer refugees or zero refugees = less or no work
    for Negative Natalie. Heck Sherlock, I see a conflict of interest.

  • John Palmer says:

    Thanks Gary for accurately report Cx3’s focus. To paraphrase a Vietnam anti-war song: all we are saying is give the facts a chance. Fact based discussion with no spin will lead to knowledge. As Sam Spade that feline detective from children’s literature says: Just the facts Mame, just the facts. Cx3 wants to follow the facts and become knowledgeable before jumping to conclusions. Since when do thoughtful people not want to follow facts and make unbiased decisions?

  • Gary Gross says:

    What makes anyone think Natalie wants to have a truth-based discussion? She might but I haven’t seen any proof of that yet.

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