This article doesn’t have much in the way of credibility. It starts by saying “One of the best ways to gauge the relative health of a political party’s brand is to see how willing people are to say they identify with the party. Which is why new Gallup poll numbers on party identification should worry Republicans heading into an election year.”

That’s national polling, which might be helpful in a presidential election. It’s virtually meaningless when there aren’t any nationwide races. The Democrats’ problem still is that they haven’t reconnected with blue collar workers. In fact, they haven’t tried reconnecting with them. That means Republicans will dominate the congressional races from the Rust Belt through the Great Lakes states and deep into the South. If Republicans don’t get slaughtered in the Northeast, they’ll maintain their majority in the House. Period.

With the economy likely to roar next year, Republicans will campaign on a return to prosperity thanks to the tax cuts and a significant reduction in regulations. The economy, not party ID, will determine who wins next November. This paragraph is more than a little over-the-top:

Still, the Republican Party’s current status on party ID is yet another data point — along with Trump’s ongoing approval slump and historic trends working against the president’s party in midterm elections — that suggests 2018 could be a disaster for Republicans.

Cillizza is still thinking in pre-Trump thinking. The normal rules simply don’t apply to him. There are lots of people who’ve told pollsters that they don’t like Trump who wouldn’t think of voting for anyone but Trump.

Finally, I can’t trust a person’s analysis that questions President Trump’s mental competency:

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