This time, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi accepted Donald Trump’s invitation. Let the negotiating begin. This time, Schumer and Pelosi are sounding a more conciliatory tone. This time, they issued a joint statement that said “We need to reach a budget agreement that equally boosts funds for our military and key priorities here at home. There is a bipartisan path forward on all of these items.”

One thing that’s virtually certain is that a DACA fix won’t be part of the final agreement. That’s because President Trump is threatening his first veto if it’s included in the spending bill. The Washington Examiner is reporting that the “White House came out firmly against a plan earlier this month to fold a legislative fix for undocumented youth into Congress’ year-end appropriations bill, arguing that there is plenty time left for lawmakers to devise a solution before the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program expires in March.”

President Trump is a shrewd negotiator. He’s trying to pressure Democrats into agreeing to fund the building of Kate’s Wall. After last week’s verdict in San Francisco in the Kate Steinle murder, Democrats are playing defense on building the wall. If Democrats say no to funding the wall, the ads will write themselves. ‘Democrats are weak on the border’ or ‘Democrats care more about illegal aliens than they care about U.S. citizens.’ That would be just part of their problem. After that, Democrats would lose on DACA, too.

Republicans have a majority in both the House and Senate. But they will need some Democratic support to get the spending bill past Senate procedural hurdles that require 60 votes, since there are only 52 Republicans in the 100-member chamber.

Democrats have to attend this meeting. If they don’t, this picture will be worth half a dozen lost Senate seats:

“The President has made clear any legislative action on DACA must be paired with border security including the wall, interior enforcement, and ending chain migration,” Gidley said.

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