It’s rather disgusting that liberals are attacking Leeann Tweeden. This LTE is to-the-point. It simply says “In response to the compromising photo of U.S. Sen. Al Franken, internet-aware readers can become a bit more informed about Franken’s ‘victim’ by Googling her and clicking on ‘images.'” There are multiple pictures showing Ms. Tweeden wearing a bikini.

Is this liberal trying to insinuate that Ms. Tweeden isn’t a victim because she used to be a swimsuit model? That’s apparently the message he’s sending by putting victim in air quotes. Here’s a question for the disgusting liberal who wrote this trashy LTE. Do you think that being a sexy swimsuit model means you can’t truly be a victim of sexual harassment? That’s what he’s inferring.

It’s clear that Democrats are circling their wagons around Sen. Franken. Apparently, they’re thinking that he’s a dirtbag but he’s the Democrats’ dirtbag. Apparently, they’re willing to fight for Franken’s vote in the Senate. Apparently, character doesn’t matter to Democrats.

Finally, I return to the LTE suggesting that a woman who posed for this picture can’t be the victim of sexual harassment:

One look at this picture suggests that it’s possible to be a victim:

2 Responses to “Liberals attack Leeann Tweeden”

  • Lady Logician says:

    Are we shocked? It’s all part of their playbook. If the perp has an R behind their name, the victims are all saints who would never lie about something this serious and should NEVER BE QUESTIONED and if the perp has a D behind their name, then the accuser is notjing more than a partisan, lying slut who deserved it. It’s all too predictable anymore.


  • JerryE9 says:

    Funny, LL. And notice that almost nobody notices the absolutely massive political convenience of the timing of these decades-old allegations? That Democrats started out vilifying the “perpetrator” Judge Moore, and then when the shoe was on the Franken-foot they shifted to vilifying the victim. That’s your point. The only victim here seems to be the truth.

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