This week, Democrats are crowing about their victories in New Jersey and Virginia. That’s fair enough. They turned out the vote in Virginia bigtime. Meanwhile, Republicans are left wondering how they’ll fare in the 2018 midterms. If I was advising House Republicans, I’d tell them to start early with a steady diet of granting TV and radio interviews to local shows with the major focus being on the strong economy and the other focus being on what the House has passed to help the economy grow.

Part of that growth message would focus on the robust energy industry growth. Another part of that message would highlight the candidate’s willingness to vote for building pipelines and other vital infrastructure. Whenever possible, highlight the times when you’ve worked with President Trump on these issues.

The thing that brings all Republicans together is economic growth. Voting for the tax reform legislation is still a positive, especially in the Midwest. Republicans shouldn’t be shy in highlighting the Democrats’ opposition to everything on Trump’s agenda, either. It’s one thing to be the loyal opposition. It’s another to simply oppose everything. The other thing Republicans shouldn’t hesitate in doing is calling out Bernie’s candidates. Republicans shouldn’t hesitate in exposing the Democrats’ beliefs.

Right now, Democrats are opposing the GOP tax plan because, in their words, it explodes the deficit. At the same time, Democrats are extolling the virtues of Bernie’s single-payer health care plan. The estimated cost of single-payer in California is $400,000,000,000 per year. The national tax cuts that Democrats oppose on the basis that it explodes the deficit adds less than $150,000,000,000 to the deficit per year. Force Bernie’s brigades to explain why they support something that expensive but reject something that puts money in middle class families’ pockets.

This isn’t a time for GOP timidity. It’s a time for them to go on offense. The Democrats don’t have an agenda except opposition to everything. Republicans have a record of accomplishments that have helped the economy grow. Not going on offense in this situation is sinful.

If Democrats ask for a Republican’s opinion on President Trump’s latest Twitter storm, that Republican should reflexively reply ‘I’m here to talk about how to improve families’ lives, not provide commentary on the latest from Page 6.’ The point is that this is about positive change that people are noticing. Unemployment is dropping. The economy is growing. People’s 401(k)s are growing rapidly. By Election Day, 2018, millions of jobs will have been created. Taxes will have been cut. Anti-mining regulations have been repealed.

Finally, does anyone think that this would be happening if Democrats held the gavels in the House or Senate? The Democrats’ Resistance Movement would certainly have led to a government shutdown, financial instability and tepid economic growth.

Bernie Sanders’ economic policies don’t lead to prosperity. They lead to income inequality, increased government dependency and stagnant wages. We know this because we just lived through 8 years of it.

Republicans need to do a compare-and-contrast with Democrats on economic growth, job creation and consumer confidence. Then Republicans should ask whether people think whether Democrats are capable of delivering economic growth, robust job creation and soaring consumer confidence.
Twenty-five minutes into this video, Kim Strassel nails it:;

People want to know that their policymakers are putting policies in place that quickly help them. Republicans haven’t gotten big ticket items passed but they’ve implemented important pro-growth economic policies. If you ask families whether it’s more important to get high-profile legislation enacted or whether it’s more important to get the economy running, I’m fairly certain that they’ll pick the strong economy.

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