It didn’t take long for me to realize that Pennyslvania House Democrats were extremely arrogant people. All it took was for me to read the first couple paragraphs of Dennis Roddy’s and Tracie Mauriello’s article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Here’s all the proof I needed:

In startlingly blunt language, a group of aides, at points working under the direction of then-House Minority Whip Michael Veon, D-Beaver, rated the political work of state employees, sometimes adjusting the amounts of the bonuses based on time they spent in the field or, in one instance, in getting presidential candidate Ralph Nader off the Pennsylvania ballot.

“Mainly, I based my decisions on the number of days people spent in the field,” wrote Eric Webb, director of Democratic member services, in one of the e-mails, “but a few people were bumped up for extra efforts, like being a phone bank captain,” or “helping with the Spanish phone bank.”

That isn’t the only proof of their arrogance in this article. Here’s another example of their arrogance:

An e-mail Mr. Webb wrote to Mr. Manzo in August of 2005 suggests that Mr. Webb made the initial determination about payroll bonuses that year.

In an attached spreadsheet, Mr. Webb lists various employees and their accomplishments. The “rock stars” include more than a dozen House aides, including Mr. Manzo’s wife, Rachel, Mr. Veon’s top aide, Brett Cott, and Mr. Webb himself. Notations in column G, contain such comments as “went off payroll for 7 days,” “helped with oppo research,” “team captain, spent a month volunteering,” “phone bank leader,” and “volunteer coordinator.”

Then there’s this:

Mr. Brubaker had something of the same opinion about his own political work, telling Mr. Manzo at one point that he thought one staff member, Jonathan L. Price, a policy analyst, deserved more money in his year-end bonus.

“26 days in the field along with oppo plus the $$. He’s a star compared to me,” Mr.
Brubaker said, suggesting his own bonus was excessive.

“Good point on Price,” Mr. Manzo replied. “Add another grand. You’re staying put though!!!!”

“Will do. On both,” Mr. Brubaker responded. “Thanks so much. Very generous.”

“Enjoy,” Mr. Manzo responded. “Get yourself that new truck!!!”

That’s what supreme arrogance sounds like. These Democrats are talking this way because they’ve always gotten away with talking this way. It’s like a grizzly or lion in their domain. They don’t hide their movements because they’re kings of their environments. Democrats think of themselves as kings of their domain (the centers of government).

A perfect example of this malady, at least on the national level, is John Murtha. His arrogance is unsurpassed. Robert Byrd is another example.

At some point, Pennsylvania voters will have to ask this simple question: Am I willing to let these politicians pick my pocket to pay for their campaign ‘volunteers’? This is costing taxpayers real money. Isn’t it time for them to pay for their campaigns themselves?

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