Leo Hohmann’s article exposes Jeff Goerger as either a dishonest person in public office or as too stupid to understand what he said during his grandstanding speech Monday night. Though it’s just opinion, I’m fairly certain Councilman Goerger isn’t stupid, though I’m willing to listen if anyone has proof to the contrary. It’s my opinion that Councilman Goerger is both dishonest and patronizing.

Consider Councilman Goerger’s comment that “the city of St. Cloud has the capacity to provide municipal services to the aforementioned prospective new residents without an impact on the city budget or quality of life.” I hope that Councilman Goerger isn’t attempting to tell his constituents that these refugees don’t consume city services and don’t impact the city budget whatsoever. If that’s what Councilman Goerger attempted selling, then he’s one of the most patronizing people in public service.

When Councilman Goerger said “I think it’s important to show people this one guy bringing forth a resolution is not the voice of the city council or the voice of the people in our community,” he announced that he wouldn’t listen to his constituents that didn’t think like him. That isn’t the definition of a public servant. That’s what I’d expect from an insulated career politician. This video is slanted but it gave Councilman Johnson the opportunity to state his case, albeit on a limited basis:

The prevailing ‘wisdom’ is that Councilman Goerger’s resolution is the end of the discussion on refugee resettlement. Having talked with many pro-moratorium activists, I’m positive that Monday night’s fiasco was the end of the beginning, not the beginning of the end of conversation on this topic. To City Councilmembers who think they’ll fade into the woodwork, think again.

Monday night was the equivalent of waving a red flag in front of a bull. This was a crystallizing moment. It wasn’t a victory for Natalie Ringsmuth and the liberal idiots serving on the City Council.

These activists have a set of legitimate questions. Thus far, only Jeff Johnson has listened to their questions. The others, including Mayor Kleis and especially Jeff Goerger, have essentially said that these Christians are, at best, second-class citizens. Don’t think that these citizens will forget what their at-large councilmembers did when they’re up for re-election next year. The Council Chamber Goerger skirmish is over but the city-wide battle is just starting.

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