TMZ caught up with a rapper whose stage name is Common to get his take on Jerry Jones’ comments about the players standing during the national anthem. It isn’t a stretch to think that this is a PR stunt. Common said “It’s an owner mentality. Like a slave owner mentality, to be honest. Like, ‘You gonna do what I say on this.’ Other people [are] choosing to put their hands over their heart. What makes that gesture better than somebody else who might be praying during the national anthem?’ he asks. ‘Or if somebody says, ‘I’m kneeling for what I believe in,’ then they should be able to do that because that’s what this country is about.'”

Common is partially right in that Jones is acting like an owner, though not like a slave owner. Jones has lots of money tied up in his team. He has every right to protect his investment, as do the other owners. Right now, the players’ political activism is dragging the NFL’s value down. Their next TV contract isn’t likely to be nearly as lucrative as the one they currently have because the NFLPA’s political activism is turning off its fans. That’s indisputable.

President Trump’s initial comments were initially greeted with contempt by the players. Still, the fans have largely sided with him. When the man with the world’s biggest megaphone criticizes you, it’s gonna sting financially. He’s essentially forced the owners’ hands. Jerry Jones didn’t become a billionaire by ignoring the fans. That’s why he’s siding with President Trump.

If the players were smart, something that’s still in doubt, they’d stop their sideline protesting ASAP.

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