Last week, Tim Walz was a moderate with a sterling rating from the NRA. This week, he’s a candidate who can’t run fast enough from the NRA. Preya Samsundar’s article shows how far Rep. Walz has travelled this past week.

Ms. Samsundar reported “On WCCO’s Sunday show with Esme Murphy, Walz recanted his prior support for the NRA and announced that he would donate money given to him by the pro-Second Amendment group to a charity helping veterans and their families. ‘The politics is secondary,’ Walz told Murphy on Sunday. ‘I have got friends who have been, had gun violence in their family and like so many responsible gun owners, it’s what I grew up on.'”

Walz lied when he said that “the politics is secondary.” This time, the politics are primary. Specifically, identity politics if front and center. In this instance, while the DFL and the Democratic Party are whining about the NRA, the NRA has acted quite moderately:

The National Rifle Association said Sunday it opposes any legislation to ban the use of “bump stocks” on semi-automatic weapons, even as it has said some regulation may be necessary. “It’s illegal to convert a semi-automatic to a fully automatic. The ATF ought to look at this, do its job and draw a bright line,” NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre said on Face the Nation.

The truth is that Walz is doing everything he can to prove to Metrocrats that he’s just like them. While he’s doing that, he’s also proving that he’ll say anything to get elected.

There was a time when Rep. Walz proudly touted his A rating from the NRA:

Rest assured, if he’s the DFL gubernatorial candidate next fall, the NRA and like-minded organizations will be working their butts off to defeat him. If that’s the case, Walz better pray the Twin Cities turns out big for him because his NRA flip-flop will hurt him in southern Minnesota.

Let’s remember that Walz’s base in southern Minnesota is slipping. Last year, Walz defeated his virtually unknown GOP opponent by 2,548 votes. Now that he’s sold his soul to the Metrocrats, aka the devil, expect his support in southern Minnesota to slip further.

It’s easy to see that Walz is tracking left to win the DFL primary. I’m betting that he’ll try moving to the center if he wins that primary. Finally, I’m betting that he’ll have a difficult time getting to the middle, though, considering the fact that there’s now video of him trying to have it both ways.

Politicians have tried pretending that video doesn’t exist. Voters won’t pretend that they haven’t seen him trying to have it both ways.

The more I think about it, the more I think Walz won’t be Minnesota’s next governor. That’s because DFL activists are looking for a true believer this time. Settling for Walz, I suspect, is like being told that Hillary’s the candidate and that Bernie supporters better get in line.

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