Believe it or not, Brian Melendez is making outlandish statements again. According to this article, Melendez said that Senate Republicans are “making mountains out of molehills.” Here’s more of his statement:

Minnesota DFL Chair Brian Melendez rejected the Republicans’ words about Ritchie, arguing their concerns were strategic and political.

“This maneuver stinks of political desperation,” he said in the hallway outside the press conference room.

Republicans are simply angling to get stories about embattled Lt. Gov./MnDOT Commissioner Carol Molnau off the front page of the newspapers, he argued. “They’re making a mountain out of a molehill,” he said of Senate Republicans.

If the DFL thought that Carol Molnau was incompetent, they didn’t show it by holding hearings to reject her as the Transportation commissioner. I’d simply ask Mr. Melendez if the DFL Senate was lazy in not holding those hearings or if they’re just that incompetent or if they just aren’t that upset with Carol Molnau.

Let’s review the facts: Mark Ritchie lied repeatedly to James Nobles, the state Legislative Auditor, as well to Rep. Laura Brod, (R-New Prague) & Rep. Tom Emmer, (R-Delano).

Considering that information, I’m wondering why Brian Melendez thinks that lying to investigators is “making mountains out of molehills.” I’m wondering why Mr. Melendez thinks that possibly breaking the Data Practices Act is “making mountains out of molehills.”

Is it because he thinks that lying to investigators is an insignificant incident? Is it because he thinks people can lie & not lose any credibility? Or is it because he’s tapdancing as fast as he can because he’s being forced to defend the indefensible?

UPDATE: I contacted Rep. Laura Brod & Rep. Tom Emmer for a statement on Brian Melendez’s “mountains out of molehills” quote. Rep. Brod has sent this response:

No amount of political dodgeball by DFL chair, Brian Melendez, can erase the facts surrounding the investigation of Secretary of State Ritchie. The fact that Mr. Melendez is trying to obfuscate is that the Secretary admitted he himself improperly shared public data from the secretary of state’s office with his campaign and the information was used for campaign fundraising purposes.

Secretary Ritchie also was less than truthful about the information with legislators, with the media, and most importantly with Minnesotans. It is most unfortunate that neither secretary Ritchie or his front man Mr. Melendez seem to understand the damage that the secretary of state’s actions have on the integrity and public trust of the Office.

If Rep. Emmer sends a response, I will post it immediately. I will post any statements that Brian Melendez issues, too.

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