By now, everyone’s heard about or read CNN’s statement that attempts to justify the Democratic plants at the CNN/YouTube debate Wednesday night. Here’s the part I find utterly phoney:

“The whole point of these ground-breaking CNN/YouTube debates is to focus on substantive questions of concern to real people and to throw open the process to a wider range of Americans all around the country. CNN cared about what you asked, not who you were. This was the case for both the Democratic and the Republican CNN/YouTube debates.”

If that was the goal, CNN failed miserably. The word is that the 34 questions were picked from over 5,000 videos submitted. That puts the odds of getting your video picked at less than 1 percent, with it being closer to .7 percent. It strains the imagination that 7 of those 34 questions were from Democratic plants.

Let’s forget about that for a moment. CNN’s statement says that they wanted to “focus on substantive questions of concern to real people.” Why is it then that taxes weren’t talked about? Why is it that immigration received so little time? Why is it that foreign policy other than Iraq didn’t receive much attention? Why didn’t the issue of judicial nominees get any attention? Aren’t those “substantive questions that real people” care about, too?

Here’s some more questions that We The People demand answers on: Why did CNN think that a question about whether Rudy Giuliani believed every word in the Bible was to be taken literally? Why did CNN think that the idiot with the guns asked a substantive question?

That statement is a shameful attempt to rationalize/justify their shoddy journalism. CNN deserves to be excoriated for its shoddy journalism. Worded differently, how did the “most trusted name in news” miss what pajama-wearing computer geeks hacking away at their keyboard found in little over an hour?

Based on simple common sense, isn’t it obvious who’s earned the title of the “most trusted name in news” and which organization has just used it as a slogan?

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