That’s what this report seems to indicate. In my opinion, that’d make Boston the odds-on-favorite to repeat as World Series Champions. That’s why I think the Yankees are rethinking their offer of Philip Hughes, Melky Cabrera & some minor league outfielders. Here are the particulars of the latest rumor: reported on Thursday that the Red Sox and Twins have discussed a potential deal in which center fielder Coco Crisp, left-hander Jon Lester and promising Minor League shortstop Jed Lowrie would head to Minnesota along with one other prospect in exchange for Santana.

Later in their article, that “one other prospect” is identified as right-handed pitching prospect Justin Masterson. This isn’t the Twins’ dream trade. That’d include Jacoby Ellsbury instead of Coco Crisp. Still, getting a major league ready shortstop prospect, the winning pitcher in this year’s World Series game, along with Torii Hunter’s replace & a solid pitching prospect will help the Twins restock for their next title run.

Combine that with their trade for Delmon Young, a legitimate 5-tool player who’s only 22 years old & I’d say that Bill Smith will have accomplished alot in his first 2+ months as Twins’ GM.

All that said, the Twins shouldn’t rush into this trade. Perhaps it’ll frighten the Yankees into sweetening their offer, which presumably included Philip Hughes, Melky Cabrera & a couple talented minor league outfielders. The Yankees have to know that the Red Sox getting Santana while keeping their starting lineup essentially intact will make the Red Sox the dominant team in baseball for the next 5+ years.

It’s my opinion that this forces them to part with both Hughes & Joba Chamberlain in addition to Melky Cabrera. Failing to do that relegates the Yankees to playing second fiddle to the Red Sox. That isn’t something that the Yankees will like.

Based on this report, I don’t see how the Yankees won’t sweeten their offer. They can add other players, including Dan Haren, but wouldn’t they really be coming out of this offseason losing ground to the Red Sox?

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