Hugh Hewitt’s post, titled Romney Rising, is proof that he’s lost touch with the Republican base. One thing Hewitt has done is avoided talking about the real Romney record. I won’t make that mistake. Here’s some typical Hugh fluffery:

Patrick’s enthusiasms for Governor Huckabee aside (what debate was he at?) the next 45 days are about whether Rudy or Mitt runs against Hillary.

Hugh’s smart enough not to mention that Romney is a liberal. His answer on whether he’d sign federal legislation banning abortion is a clear sign that we couldn’t trust Romney on picking judges. Reagan conservatives are federalists. Conservatives have said for years that abortion would return to the states if Roe v. Wade is overturned.

In saying that he’d sign legislation banning abortion, Romney essentially said that he didn’t care about states rights or the Tenth Amendment. Why should conservatives trust Romney to nominate strict constructionist judges if he’s elected?

It’s my opinion that Romney has an authenticity problem. He said last night that he’d made a mistake in being “clearly pro-choice” early in his political career but that he’s changed since getting elected. This YouTube video tells you all you need to know about Romney, abortion and trustworthiness.

As I’ve said before, exactly when did his conversion happen?

It’s also worth noting that, although he talks about the three legged stool that Reagan created, Romney hasn’t talked about another main tenet of Reagan’s: a strong libertarian streak.

The bottom line is that Romney is a liberal portraying himself, with massive amounts of help from Mr. Hewitt, as a conservative. I’m confident that I’m right, especially after Rush said that he only saw one conservative on stage and his name is Fred Thompson.

I couldn’t agree more. Before anyone gets my vote, they’ll have to convince me that they care about the Tenth Amendment, that they’re authentic and that they aren’t trying to sell us a bill of goods. Right now, I think Romney is willing to change himself whenever the situation calls for that.

The other thing that we need to consider is that Romney would be attacked for being a flip-flopper by Team Hillary from Day One of the general election campaign. He’d be on the defensive from the outset. Worse, he wouldn’t have a united base to appeal to.

That sounds like a recipe for electoral disaster. Republicans should say no thanks to Mitt Romney because it’ll prevent an electoral disaster caused by a shifty liberal.

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