Rep. Brian Daniels’ guest column in the Owatonna newspaper brought lots of good news.

Rep. Daniels wrote “In last month’s column, I discussed a reason for optimism surrounding Minnesota’s individual health insurance market, which late last year was on the verge of implosion. If approved by the federal government, the Minnesota Premium Security Plan that was passed during the 2017 Legislative Session will result in significant premium decreases for tens of thousands of Minnesotans who purchase coverage off the individual health insurance market.”

Then he continued, saying “if this legislation would not have been signed into law and if we do not receive approval from the federal government, Medica customers could see as much as a 29 percent increase in their premiums. However, if this legislation does go into effect, Medica customers could see up to a 5 percent decrease, saving these Minnesotans a considerable amount of money.”

Despite the positive things this legislature did, Emperor Dayton still wasn’t satisfied. He’s still insisting that Republicans trim their tax relief package. Here’s hoping that Speaker Daudt and Sen. Gazelka remind Emperor Dayton of the good things that Republicans did for Minnesota families.

In the past, Emperor Dayton hasn’t put a high priority on families’ budgets. He’s put his highest priorities on the government’s budget. Compare that with Republicans’ priorities. The DFL apparently hates trickle-down economics but they’re fine with trickle-down government. Thankfully, Rep. Daniels isn’t buying into the DFL’s economic theories.

2 Responses to “Minnesota premiums drop”

  • Chad Q says:

    So legislators thought it was a good idea to use over taxation money to prop up an imploding insurance system? Premiums are still going up, now it’s just spread over more people and now to those who aren’t even part of Obamacare.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Actually, they’ll start to stabilize once this re-insurance gets fully implemented. That’s what happened when Minnesota had this program before. Minnesota’s health insurance premiums were the cheapest in the nation. Everyone benefitted.

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