This Brad Bumsted article offers a perfect translation of Bill DeWeese’s statements. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

DeWeese: “Last July, after reviewing these same documents, I directed that Mr. LaGrotta’s employment with the caucus be terminated.” (After losing the May 2006 primary, LaGrotta had been given a job working for the caucus.)

Potts: “But did DeWeese ask for the money back? Or was LaGrotta right last January when he e-mailed his niece: ‘You can pay it back if you choose but no one here is asking that’?”

Potts is former DeWeese speechwriter Tim Potts. Now they’re butting heads on issue after issue, which has to be DeWeese’s worst nightmare. Here’s more:

DeWeese: “When we learned about these allegations (against LaGrotta) several months ago, I directed my staff to fully cooperate with the attorney general’s investigation and we provided many of the documents referenced in today’s (grand jury) presentment, including the e-mails.”

Potts: “DeWeese doesn’t mention that he went to court to obstruct the attorney general’s investigation into the Bonusgate scandal, challenging lawful subpoenas and search warrants. DeWeese was also the last caucus leader to make pubic who got the bonuses and how much they got.”

I think Mr. DeWeese has met his match. Tim Potts obviously has his number. Potts will keep calling that number, too, because he’s now on the opposite side of the reform issue than DeWeese.

I strongly recommend reading Brad Bumsted’s column. It’s very enlightening.

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