I was fortunate enough to be watching when this series of interviews started:

According to correspondent Jeff Flock, he and FNC anchor Shepard Smith had travelled by vehicle through a neighborhood near one of Houston’s reservoirs. 24 hours later, Smith was back in New York City, Flock was conducting interviews from a boat in the same neighborhood and a family was getting rescued from their home when the reservoir was forced to open the dam to prevent the loss of 3,000 homes.

The first interview Flock did was with a young boy who had just been rescued by a boat. Later in the same video, Flock interviewed Carlos, the pastor of The Power of Miracles church. Still later, Flock interviewed a mother who was upset with herself. The correspondent asked her “You did not expect this was going to happen? The young mother replied “No. I didn’t.” Flock then asked “What’s most upsetting to you right now?” She replied “The fact that I waited so long and my kids — I could have put them in danger.” Flock then said “Well, you didn’t put them in danger. They would’ve been ok.” The mother then replied “thanks to them that just showed up because I didn’t know who to call and — I didn’t know if it would’ve been too late. It was just an angel, I mean.”

Pastor Carlos then jumped into the conversation, saying “everything happens for a reason. That’s what the Bible says. So something better came so He heard.”

Isn’t it fitting that this young family (single mother and her 4 kids) was rescued by a boat owned by the pastor of a church called the Power of Miracles Church?

The reservoirs in Houston are expected to go over the top, meaning that they’re expecting the water to go over the top of the dam that creates the reservoirs. Some neighborhoods are getting flooded because officials have decided that it’s better to open the dams rather than have pressure build up and the dams disintegrate. The reservoir where the young family was rescued got flooded because they opened the gates. The other option, officials said, was to lose 3,000 homes if the dam burst.

In short, after 50+ inches of rain falling, there aren’t any good options left.

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