Today is Black Lives Matter’s 4th birthday. According to this post, BLM is needed now more than ever. It’s supposedly needed now more than ever because “BLM serves as a critical channel for Black organizing today and Black liberation struggles. We are the 21st-century call for Black liberation, and while based primarily across the United States, our vision and our work’s purpose has an international lens and reach.”

Also, BLM is needed because “BLM continues to respond with massive mobilizations and in mainstream media to state-sanctioned violence and the current Trump administration, which is a threat to Black lives everywhere and targets our very existence.”

What’s interesting is that many of the shooting deaths that created the rationale for BLM happened in cities run by Democrat mayors. Despite that, BLM singled out “the current Trump administration” because it’s a “threat to black lives everywhere.” Nowhere in the article is it mentioned that cities like Chicago and New York City do a terrible job at protecting African-Americans. It isn’t a coincidence that those cities are run by Democrats. Seattle instituted a $50 per gun tax but gun violence, which hurts minorities disproportionately, hasn’t dropped. Seattle is another liberal failure.

BLM isn’t getting the job done. They aren’t focusing on the right priorities. That’s because they’re mostly a partisan political organization. Solutions aren’t their specialty. Whipping up emotions is.

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  • H says:

    “many of the shooting deaths that created the rationale for BLM happened in cities run by Democrat mayors”

    100% of all shooting deaths occur where there are people. There are more people in large cities than in small towns. Quoting a large number for Chicago tells us that Chicago is a big city. It doesn’t tell us anything more than that. (Although it may perhaps serve to, ah, whip up emotions.)

    That’s why per-capita rates (of homicide, violent crime, etc.) are better metrics. Saint Louis, MO had the highest per-capita rate of violent crime last I checked.

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