That’s what they’re calling Eliot Spitzer in this editorial. Suffice it to say that the editorialist refered to him that way with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Time magazine named him Crusader of the Year in 2002. Bill Richardson says he’s the future of the Democratic Party. But Eliot Spitzer, rookie governor of the greatly overtaxed state of New York, keeps stumbling and bumbling.

He disappointed New York Times editorial writers everywhere Wednesday last by deciding his plan to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens wasn’t such a swell idea after all.

That same afternoon he decided it was dumb to institute a new tax policy, effective Dec. 7, requiring online retailers to charge state and local sales taxes on everything purchased from New York soil.

Rumor has it that the NY Times’ editorial board is considering changing the spelling on Spitzer’s name to O-O-P-S. On the other hand, I have it on good authority that Republican presidential candidates are calling him ‘the gift that keeps on giving’ due in large part for his assistance in helping Hillary have a bad couple weeks in which she exposed some major flaws that’ll haunt her in the general election.

The short-lived tax proposal, which would have been emulated nationwide and clearly subject to legal challenges, would have nicked Internet retailers that are not physically situated in the state but use millions of affiliated New York-based Web sites to direct sales to them through click-throughs.

Gov. Grinch’s flacks and spinners swore that Spitzer was unaware of the tax chicanery; it was stealthily concocted and launched by bureaucrats in the Department of Taxation and Finance and would have forced some shoppers to pay as much as an 8.375 percent sales tax on Internet purchases.

The fact that Eliot Spitzer, the nation’s Great Democrat Hope, is looking at a $4.3 billion deficit next year apparently was just a coincidence.

Such cynicism. Of course this tax proposal is pure coincidence. It isn’t like Democrats are genetically predisposed to increasing taxes:

Hatch gave his task an initial shot in a rambling acceptance speech that punched some of the right buttons. He cast Pawlenty as too stingy with education, responsible for large class sizes and rising college tuition. He tagged him for an inadequate response to soaring health care costs and the emerging biosciences industry. He promised more state investment in those things. Significantly, he said, “we can do this without raising taxes.”

Oh wait…

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  • Democrat grass roots says:

    Spitzer has to choose good candidates to replace the weak Republican seats, like Maltese’s. Then we Democrats will get the majority for our reform agenda. The frequently mentioned Councilman Joe Addabbo is a bad choice to put up against Maltese. The Reps will waste him:

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