Yesterday, Janeé Harteau resigned as Minneapolis’s police chief. Embattled Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges has picked Medaria Arradondo to replace Harteau. The next question is whether Arradondo is the right pick to succeed Harteau. According to this MPR article, Chief Harteau was “the first woman, first Native American and first openly gay person to serve as chief in Minneapolis.”

R.T. Rybak was the mayor that picked Harteau to be his police chief. Now that Hodges is picking Harteau’s successor, it’s fair to ask whether she’s picking the right person for the job. This article suggests that she’s picking the wrong person. It says “Linea Palmisano, a city councilwoman who represents the ward where the shooting happened, told The Associated Press on Saturday that she’s known Arradondo for some time, relying on him to explain police initiatives and working with him during community meetings such as one introducing ‘implicit bias training’ for officers a few years ago.”

The fact that the Minneapolis Police Department has “implicit bias training” tells me that politicians are interfering too much. The National Initiative for Building Community Trust & Justice explains that implicit bias “can distort one’s perception and subsequent treatment either in favor of or against a given person or group. In policing, this has resulted in widespread practices that focus undeserved suspicion on some groups and presume other groups innocent.”

It’s important that Minneapolis gets this decision right. They’ve had problems for quite some time. Focusing on politically correct training isn’t wise. Apparently, that’s what Minneapolis has focus on. If you want the right results, you have to have the right training.

The point is that picking the right PC isn’t as important as putting the officers through the right training. At this point, the training emphasis needs to improve.

4 Responses to “Is Arradondo the right choice?”

  • Chad Q says:

    Political correctness has been and will continue to be the downfall of every business whether it is government or private. Hire the best person for the job, period.

  • JerryE9 says:

    “undeserved” suspicion? When crime rates in some communities are 6-20 times what they are in others? If somebody describes a downtown Minneapolis suspect as a “young black male” should we go looking out near Edina?

    And to say we hired the ?the first woman, first Native American and first openly gay person..” is to say we paid absolutely no attention to qualifications, and guess what we got.

    Time to understand that police don’t cause crime; criminals do.

  • eric z says:

    The guy who shot the Australian white woman had insufficient training when he was put out into community policing. Both cops should be fired for failing to use body cams. WTF were body cams purchased for, using real money after all, besides usage to document police interactions with citizens?

    So, who’s going to be mayor next term? More Hodges? Have you any guess, Gary, Chad or Jerry?

    And crystal balling w/o naming a name of who should be hired is a bit of a sham. Say you had a council majority in the bag, who would you put it behind?

  • Chad Q says:

    The next mayor of Minneapolis will be even more left than Bicycle Betsy is because the special interests will demand it. Until you get rid of one party rule in both Minneapolis and St. Paul, things will continue to go further down the drain.

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