One of the underreported facets of the Charlie Gard story is the potential conflict of interest the Gards’ attorney might have. According to the article “Victoria Butler-Cole, who speaks on Charlie’s behalf in court, is chairman of Compassion in Dying, a sister organisation to Dignity in Dying. The charity campaigns for a change in the law to make assisted dying legal in the UK. Dignity in Dying used to be called the Voluntary Euthanasia Society.”

Victoria Butler-Cole essentially lost the initial lawsuit. It’s certainly reasonable to question whether Butler-Cole’s heart was in it. It’s one thing for an American lawyer to represent a client with whom he disagrees with. It’s quite another when that attorney takes on a life-and-death issue like this when they’re an activist for euthanasia. Thank God Connie Yates and Chris Gard weren’t willing to stop fighting for their son.

It was appalling to hear the British court say that it was the government’s responsibility to look out for Charlie Gard. That’s a perfect example for why the United States shouldn’t want to be anything like Europe.

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