This morning, Sen. Dick Durbin appeared on Morning Joe ahead of President Trump’s G20 meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Being the political hack that he is, Sen. Durbin didn’t waste the opportunity to berate President Trump and rewrite history.

With regards to rewriting history, Sen. Durbin said “He is trying to restore a Soviet empire which is long gone in history. He’s intimidating a lot of his neighbors in a variety of different ways and it really is up to the United States to stand up to stand up to this tyrant.”

What a disgrace. First, the Soviet empire “is long gone in history” because President Reagan rejected the Democrats’ policies. President Reagan believed, as I believe now, that the United States is the only economic and military superpower in the world. The Soviets’ economy isn’t strong enough to support their military ambitions. Next, then as now, a US president is unleashing the US energy sector to drive down Soviet/Russian oil price while starving the Soviet/Russian economy of much needed revenues to keep their economy going.

Third, President Obama didn’t stand up to Putin:

President Obama was a wimp when it came to standing up to Putin. People remember President Obama telling Mitt Romney that the 80s were calling, that they wanted their foreign policy back. Further, people remember the hot mic conversation between President Obama and Putin where President Obama told Putin that he’d have a lot more flexibility after the election.

Those weren’t examples of the US standing up “to this tyrant.” They were examples of Democrats appeasing that tyrant. At this point, I’m wondering what Sen. Durbin is babbling about. Is Sen. Durbin just attempting to spin history? It appears so.

The Democratic Party, like CNN, just isn’t a serious organization anymore. For that matter, Sen. Durbin isn’t a serious person, either.

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