In Salena Zito’s article, she writes about “Marcia Wilson, who chairs the” Democratic Party in New Oxford, PA. She writes that sometimes “her biggest challenge in the process of winning over voters is not Republican elected officials or their supporters, but members of her own party.”

That mission was made difficult when DNC Chairman Thomas Perez said pro-life Democrats weren’t welcome in the Democratic Party. That drew Jeanne Mancini to write “Last weekend, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez made it clear that this community, even the vehement Democrats among us, is not welcome within the Democratic party. As he demanded that unwavering support for abortion is “not negotiable” for “every Democrat,” Perez made the conscious decision to alienate the 23 percent of Democrat voters who identify as pro-life.”

In 2016, Democrats did poorly with blue collar workers in America’s heartland. Thomas Perez’s initial solution to that problem was to tell pro-life Democrats, many of whom are blue collar workers, that they aren’t welcome in the Democratic Party.;

At Evergreen College in Washington state, liberal Professor Bret Weinstein is being ostracized by students and faculty for voicing a slightly contrarian opinion. Calls for his termination are daily.

Zito writes that Jon Ossoff might win in the special election in Georgia because he hasn’t talked about Trump. That’s possibly true but it’s also a short-term fix. The Democrats’ biggest litmus test is on the environment, not the Second Amendment. They’re still the pro-ACA party, too. Until the Democratic Party dumps those litmus tests, they’ll still be a coastal party.

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2 Responses to “When will the retribution start?”

  • eric z says:

    Perez is a tool of the Dem status quo. As such, you should love his winning the DNC chair against Ellison. If you’ve little positive to say about Tom Perez, Gary, I would not be the person to leap to his defense. Let John and Tony Podesta do that.

    The Georgia special election is about money. It stinks of money, and money running politics stinks.

    In a district that elected Price, showing little to like that way, but where Trump had a lesser margin than in Montana where the body slammer – job outsourcerer unfortunately won that special election.

  • Lady Logician says:

    Ossoff may have stood a chance at winning, if the far left fringes had not made Handle into a sympathetic figure by mailing that white powder and note to her and her neighbors. As soon as a quasi terroristic threat went out to people that weren’t running……


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