John Hinderaker’s post doesn’t mince words. John questions whether Republicans have acted as disgustingly as Democrats have. Here’s a hint: they haven’t. John writes “when has a Republican proudly displayed the severed, bloody head of Nancy Pelosi? Or Chuck Schumer? Or Barack Obama? When have Republicans thrown bricks through store windows or assaulted Democrats on the street? When have Republicans rioted to prevent Democrats from speaking on college campuses? When have Republicans accused Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer of treason? When have Republicans sent provocateurs into Democratic presidential rallies to start fights? When have Republicans urged ‘Resistance’ against a Democratic president who they claim is a Nazi?”

The answer to John’s questions is simple. It’s never happened. Period. Everyone remembers Kathy Griffin’s blood-drenched head. Some people have seen the video of Donald Trump being assassinated (as Caesar). How many people remember Alan Grayson’s speech displaying the Republicans’ health care plan:

Lots of youngsters don’t remember Ted Kennedy’s speech that started the term Borking:

That’s before considering how nasty Harry Reid was on multiple occasions over several years.

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  • Lady Logician says:

    While there were some instances of Republican SUPPORTERS acting in a less than honorable manner, none of them had quite the following as these Dem celebrities (Ted Nugent wishing Barack Obama were dead comes closest). That said, I think Erick Erickson hits the nail on the head with this article in the Resurgent

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