In one of the least surprising tidbits of news, former Speaker Paul Thissen announced that he’s running for governor. This isn’t surprising. The only surprising part about it is that it took this long. According to WJON’s article, “Thissen plans to formally launch his campaign Thursday to replace Gov. Mark Dayton, who decided against a third term. He’s in his eighth two-year term representing southwest Minneapolis.”

The truth is that the DFL lost its majority in the 2014 election, then lost more seats in the House in 2016. What’s more interesting is that Rep. Thissen announced that he wasn’t running for House Minority Leader at the start of this session. That signaled to me that he was planning on running for governor.

Furthermore, it isn’t likely that the DFL will retake the House until they stop catering to the environmentalist wing of the DFL. Thissen has decided that it isn’t likely for him to become speaker again. Further, Thissen likely thinks his best chance of becoming governor is when he’s still a household name, which is today.

This paragraph is telling, too:

Thissen became speaker in 2013 when the DFL had a lock on state government with the Legislature and Dayton in control. But House DFLers lost their majority in 2014 and additional seats in 2016, leaving party leaders concerned about the 2018 election.

DFL party leaders have a legitimate right to be worried about the 2018 election.

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3 Responses to “Thissen runs for governor”

  • eric z says:

    I think the AG contest, so far two declared GOP candidates, is interesting. I know Harry Niska. Quite an active Republican, bright and quick. A Christian. Jen Niska was close to Emmer, both Jen and Harry, and at the time I thought that a fault. Emmer has not been as bad as I’d anticipated. Certainly an upgrade from Bachmann. Then there is Wardlow. The other GOP candidate.

    Have you or any of your regular readers thought about the GOP side of that contest? Or, for that matter, the DFL side? It is a statewide position, not down-ballot strictly local.

    Do you find Wardlow a strong or impressive candidate for the AG duties? And if so, why? If not, why?

    He was a one and done MN House legislator; which does not impress.

  • eric z says:

    An added thought. It is early, and in either party there may be more filings for AG. So Gary, at least keep the questions in mind even if not ready yet to judge.

    Probably not needed to say, I support Swanson as representing an incumbency without any reason to change.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Harry Niska isn’t my choice for the Republicans’ endorsed candidate for AG. Wardlow is a constitutionalist, whereas Niska is a political operative. I’ve actually talked with Wardlow and find him to be an impressive candidate for AG because he’s a man of integrity and he’s faithful to the Constitution. I’m not that certain Niska would be consistently faithful to the Constitution.

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