The opening paragraph of Daniel Henninger’s article, starts by saying “James T. Hodgkinson, who on Wednesday shot Republican Rep. Steve Scalise and four others, posted this on his Facebook page March 22: ‘”Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.'” It’s past time to differentiate between policies and emotional responses.

While it’s legitimate to question the quality of a person’s policies, it isn’t legitimate to ascribe emotions to those policies. What, for instance, would make Hodgkinson think that President Trump is a traitor? The definition of political treason is “a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country.” The definition of treason is “the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.” These things haven’t happened. Period. Donald Trump hasn’t proposed to overthrow the U.S. government. He’s proposed to clean up the corruption found in many of our government’s agencies.

An organization titled “Terminate the Republican Party” is a title intended to incite violence. It isn’t a stretch to think that a member of such an organization would attempt to shoot Republicans. Unfortunately, that’s just part of the violence being proposed against Republicans. Here’s more:

Some thought the apotheosis of political derangement had been reached when celebrity Kathy Griffin posted a video of herself holding the bloody, severed head of Donald Trump.

But that wasn’t the end of it. We may assume that as Ms. Griffin was creating her video, the artists at New York’s Public Theater were rehearsing their production of “Julius Caesar,” the one in which Central Park audiences watch Caesar as a blond-haired Donald Trump, who is pulled down from a podium by men in suits and assassinated with plunging knives.

The reality is that the Democratic Party is filled with violent thoughts and actions.

As I said in this post, the Democrats need to clean up their act. Charles Krauthammer is right in this video in that this is a Democrat problem, not a political problem:

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2 Responses to “Terminate the Republican Party”

  • eric z says:

    Did not read the post; but I do like the headline.

  • Gary Gross says:

    It’s the name of the organization the Alexandria shooter belonged to. BTW, the shooter had a list of Republican congresscritters he wanted to assassinate. Still think it’s a great name? I think it’s disgusting.

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