Last night, Gov. Dayton blinked. Last night, Gov. Dayton agreed to most of the Republicans’ demands. During each of the last 2 budget sessions, Gov. Dayton’s top 3 priorities were raising the gas tax, universal pre-K and funding SWLRT. In each of those sessions, he’s fallen short on all 3 items. Last night, Gov. Dayton caved on all of those items plus agreed to the Republicans’ $660,000,000 middle class tax cut.

In short, the GOP accomplished a clean sweep on their major priorities.

While it’s true that the GOP increased spending a bit, Republicans kept the spending increases to a minimum. On their policy initiatives, they succeeded gloriously. There’s no other way to express it. This SC Times article got the details badly wrong when it said “11:45 p.m.: Minnesota legislative leaders said they’ll call a special session to finish the state budget after they miss Monday’s midnight deadline to finalize a new spending package.”

The budget deal would’ve been passed with days to spare if Gov. Dayton hadn’t insisted on full funding for the SWLRT boondoggle, the universal pre-K disaster and the gas tax increase. Further, the legislature can’t call a special session. Only Minnesota’s governor can. Period. This year, unfortunately, that means this guy:

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