True to form, Gov. Dayton inexplicably vetoed middle class tax relief that Republicans supported and that the DFL rejected.

In rejecting the Republicans’ bill, Dayton said that the bill’s cuts are “irresponsibly large” and focus “tax relief to some of the most fortunate.” Responding to Gov. Dayton’s veto letter, the Center for the American Experiment replied “The House and Senate agreed to over $1 billion dollars in tax cuts last week, much of it focused on the middle class. The largest chunk—nearly $220 million—went to cut taxes on social security income. The bill also included substantial increases in subtractions and credits for expenses related to child care, education, scholarship program contributions, and student loans.”

The truth is that Gov. Dayton won’t sign a tax bill that demolishes his tax increases from 2013. For all their talk about loving the middle class, the truth is that the DFL loves tax increases exponentially more than they love the middle class. The DFL’s last centrists have either died or switched parties. Gov. Dayton and President Obama are leading the way in making them politically irrelevant.

UPDATE: All 89 DFL legislators (57 in the House & 32 in the Senate) voted against the GOP tax cuts.

2 Responses to “Gov. Dayton vetoes middle class tax cuts”

  • Chad Q says:

    Governor Dayton, like all progressives believe that the money is governments first and whatever is left over, gets distributed to you and me. There is never going to be enough money for special interests, education, unions, and those who refuse to help themselves and rely on the government for their every need. Sadly, the GOP in this state continue to bend over for this man child and we citizen’s take it in the ass.

  • Chad Q says:

    You mean united GOP gov’t like we have at the federal level where they can’t freakin’ repeal Obamacare, a law so bad no one likes it? While I absolutely hate liberal politics, I have to give them credit because they will all vote lock step to get something passed whereas the GOP will fight themselves and allow the liberals to set the policy. There will always be enough limp wristed rino GOPer’s to spoil any kind of GOP controlled gov’t. Just look at the gas tax override if you’d like proof of that.

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