Last Thursday, House Democrats threw a hissy fit. They followed their leader, Nancy Pelosi, over a cliff. They refused to offer any amendments during the debate of the American Health Care Act. Then, at the end of the vote, they did this:

Let’s get serious here. Democrats in the House and Senate have resisted any changes to the ACA. These days, they talk about how “the bill isn’t perfect” or how it needs to be tweaked. They don’t admit, though, how the ACA is broken and unfixable.

They won’t admit that people are already losing coverage:

Medica, which offers exchange plans for 12,645 members in Iowa, has a relatively small presence in the market but the recent exits of other big insurers — Aetna and Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield — makes Medica just one of two insurers selling plans on the exchanges for 2018.

Democrats won’t admit the ACA is broken:

Giant insurer Aetna on Wednesday continued an ongoing retreat from the Obamacare business, announcing it will not sell such health plans in Virginia next year because of expected financial losses.

Instead, Democrats keep sitting on the sidelines without offering substantive alternatives. That isn’t leadership. That’s political gamesmanship.

The only question left at this point is whether Democrats are digging their 2018 grave. I suspect they are.

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