Anis Amri, the Tunisian man suspected of killing 12 and injuring 56 in a Berlin terrorist attack, was reported as being killed in a police confrontation in Milan, Italy this morning.

Fox News is reporting a “man killed in a shootout with Italian police in Milan early Friday is reportedly the main suspect in Berlin truck attack on a Christmas market that killed 12 people and injured 56. During a press conference the Italian interior minister said the man is ‘without a shadow of doubt’ the Berlin market attacker. The shootout with suspect Anis Amri took place at 3 a.m. in a Milan neighborhood during a routine police check.”

The Italian interior minister was right when he “said the two police officers who stopped Amri ‘have done an extraordinary service to the community.'” In fact, that’s understatement. What’s troubling, though, is that “authorities say Amri has used at least six different names and three nationalities in his travels around Europe.”

It’s troubling because it suggests that this terrorist knew how to manipulate the system.

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