Sen. John Barrasso is one of the experts on health care in the Senate. This past week, Sen. Barrasso delivered this speech on the Senate floor. The most important part of Sen. Barrasso’s speech came when he said “First of all, nobody is talking about taking people off of insurance without a replacement plan in place. We all understand that there needs to be a transition over time. People have already been hurt too much when they lost their insurance and when their rates went up because of Obamacare and the mandates, and the government saying they know better than families across the country. So we’ll be working to make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone. That’s why we’re including transition period in a repeal bill that Congress passed last year and sent to the president’s desk. Our goal is to do no harm.”

Shortly thereafter, Sen. Barrasso said “Now, we can increase the use of health savings accounts. This will give more people the chance to actually control how they spend their own money on their health care. We can support innovative insurance plans that pay for prescription drugs that work the best for patients – not just the ones preferred by insurance companies.”

The Democrats, specifically Jonathan Gruber, have tried frightening people into thinking that Republicans want to throw 20,000,000 people off of health insurance. Sen. Barrasso’s speech indicates that Democrats are engaged in outright fearmongering.

Sen. Barrasso is a man of integrity. He’s also a health care expert. He’ll be the Republicans’ health care expert in the Senate. He already is.

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One Response to “Obamacare will transition”

  • eric z says:

    Shell game time. Hands quicker than the eye. Let’s “account” things Wall Street’s way, regardless of it being the highway to failure, past and future to “privatize” more and more into the hands of fewer and fewer. But is that the actual Trump mandate? It’s too early to tell, but the signs suggest so, and how people react four years later will prove interesting.

    Trump’s virtue, so far, he took the Bush family on early, and the Clinton family late, and if bad follows his election at least he has already done good.

    Let’s see how Trump/Pence turn out, with open minds, since how they turn out is Trump’s to mess up, or succeed. Whatever mindsets we have in waiting and watching.

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