Late Friday night, Raul Castro announced that his brother Fidel Castro had died at age 90. He didn’t disclose the cause of death. Reuters’ article reporting Castro’s death read like a press release from the Cuban government. The opening paragraphs were particularly disgusting, saying “Fidel Castro, the Cuban revolutionary leader who built a communist state on the doorstep of the United States and for five decades defied U.S. efforts to topple him, died on Friday, his younger brother announced to the nation. He was 90. A towering figure of the second half of the 20th Century, Castro had been in poor health since an intestinal ailment nearly killed him in 2006. He formally ceded power to his younger brother two years later.”

Let’s let the history be clear. Fidel Castro was a nasty murderous thug who ruled Cuba with an iron fist. The world is a much better place without him. This article gives us a clear-eyed description of Fidel Castro’s willingness to do whatever it took to maintain his iron-fisted grip on the nation:

The Cuban government maintains nationwide authority by controlling the national media coverage, by banning all forms of public dissidence, and (should all else fail) via aggressive imprisonment strategies to eliminate all persons who represent a threat to the communist state.

Cuba has utilized a systematic program of arbitrary detention and indefinite trials to maintain the second largest prison program in the modern world. The prisons are overcrowded and not meant to support the number of prisoners that they contain. Many of these prisons do not contain the amenities needed for basic human living, and these conditions are used as a form of punishment on the prisoners. Prisoners report being beaten by prison guards, deprived of light and heat, and starved during their prison sentence. Many of these prisoners are being held without a definite release date, and some prisoners do not have a set trial date to receive a proper sentencing.

What type of thug would do that? Rather than finish by saying RIP, I’ll finish by saying ‘Good riddance.’

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  • Terry Stone says:

    Fidel Castro is nothing more than an artifact of the Cold War. In any other era, he would have been squashed like the Marxist bug he was. By the time the Berlin Wall fell, Castro became the beneficiary of a post Viet Nam pacifist America. When the First Gulf War snapped the U.S. out of its funk of insecurity, Castro had become a mere environmental irritant protected by the trendy wave of political correctness. It was simply no longer fashionable to overthrow tin-horn communist dictators.

    I managed a refugee camp during the Cuban Refugee Harvest of 1980 (formally known as the Mariel Boatlift). Each of the 125,000 refugees had an informative story to tell about the Castro Regime and communism. Oppression had taken its toll on the human spirit. But, yes, they all read well.

    Castro is no hero; he is an anomaly fostered by circumstance without which the world is much improved.

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