It isn’t a secret that Gov. Dayton will resist attempts to improve Minnesota’s health care system. This article includes a quote from Gov. Dayton that indicates he’s still in denial about Obamacare.

First, it’s worth noting that Gov. Dayton said “The average wait time has been measured in seconds. If they’re going to be attacking MNsure and wanting to abolish it, they should at least do it on the basis of the current situation, not [what happened] three years ago.” Though I’m not the GOP spokesman, I think it’s safe to say that Republicans use the term MNsure to talk about Minnesota’s health care system.

Right now, Minnesota’s health insurance system isn’t affordable. Lot’s of people have health insurance but can’t afford health care because of Minnesota’s high health care premiums and high deductibles. One of the things that was talked about at this press availability was the need to return Minnesota to having a high-risk pool:

Leader-Elect Gazelka highlighted MCHA multiple times during his press availability. Specifically, WCCO’s Pat Kessler asked about whether Republicans could maintain Minnesota’s 96% insured rate. The clear inference was that the Republican plan would kick people off of insurance. Had Kessler done his homework, he’d know that the Republicans’ plan was likely to maintain that 96% insured rate. In 2007, Minnesota’s insured rate was 92.8%. Of those that weren’t insured, half were eligible for taxpayer-subsidized health care. That means that the effective insured rate pre-ACA was 96.5%.

Most importantly, Minnesotans’ health insurance was affordable prior to the Anything But Affordable Care Act. Why would Gov. Dayton and the DFL resist returning to a health insurance system that worked and was affordable? I predict that that’s what Gov. Dayton and the DFL will do. With Dayton’s propensity to shut the government down, I think it’s likely that Gov. Dayton will attempt to shut state government down for the third time in his time in office.

Gov. Dayton’s legacy will be ruined if MNsure is discredited. Gov. Dayton and the DFL were bigtime cheerleaders for the ACA and MNsure. It’s possible that the ACA will get gutted before Trump is sworn in. The individual and employer mandates are guaranteed to be repealed. Shouldn’t Gov. Dayton say yes to keeping the exchange intact but then accepted the major overhaul of Minnesota’s health care system?

Shouldn’t Minnesotans have the option of HSAs and catastrophic policies if that’s the best fit for their situation? Why should government tell families what their policies have to include? Democrats say that “a woman’s right to choose” must always be between her, her doctor and her god because it’s a highly personal decision. Shouldn’t providing health care for their family be a highly personal decision, too?

Families, not bureaucrats, know what’s best for their family. That’s why families, consulting with their doctors, should be given their choice. Gov. Dayton and the DFL insist that they know best. Here’s a hint for Gov. Dayton and the DFL: Any politician that doesn’t remember that the tax bill he negotiated has a sales on farm equipment repairs shouldn’t be trusted with making health insurance decisions for families.

Finally, how can Gov. Dayton and the DFL insist on maintaining a system that’s driving health insurance companies out of the individual market? Apparently, they’re that willing to hurt families rather than admit that they made a colossal mistake.

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3 Responses to “Will Gov. Dayton shut down gov’t over MNsure?”

  • eric z says:

    Don’t understand the headline. Are you speculating that the legislature and executive will allow the next session to end without MNsure funding? What? Are you anticipating the legislature will again refuse to work with the executive branch, as they’ve done when having Republican majorities in either/both house chambers? In that case it is disingenuous to blame Dayton. It is the bozo bloc’s fault.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Eric, you’re overthinking this. I’m accusing Gov. Dayton of being a spoiled brat who hasn’t hesitated in shutting down the gov’t if he doesn’t get his way. In 2011, he shut the gov’t down for almost 3 weeks in an attempt to raise taxes. Republicans refused. Eventually, he accepted the deal he could’ve had without shutting the government down.

    FOOTNOTE: I interviewed Dayton in July, 2011, for He admitted to me that he could’ve signed a number of bills. Instead, he chose to hold out until he got what he wanted.

    In 2013, he had DFL majorities in the legislature. They gave us massive tax increases, MNsure & the Senate Office Building. In 2014, the DFL repealed 3 of the tax increases that they’d enacted the year before because they got an earful from constituents after session. In 2014, Minnesotans returned Republicans to the majority in the House.

    In 2015, Tom Bakk & Kurt Daudt spent the entire last week of the session negotiating with Gov. Dayton. That Friday, after failing to reach an agreement with Gov. Dayton, they went off to the side & put together a budget. Predictably, Gov. Dayton & Thissen whined about the deal. Gov. Dayton vetoed the major omnibus bills because he didn’t get the funding he wanted for universal pre-K. A week before the gov’t shutdown, Gov. Dayton caved & signed the bipartisan budget agreement.

    MNsure & the ACA both are fatally flawed. That’s the biggest reason why Hillary lost. That’s why the DFL is the minority party in the legislature. At the bill-signing ceremony for MNsure, Sen. Lourey said that Minnesotans had won that day. On Nov. 8, voters told Sen. Lourey, Gov. Dayton & the DFL that Minnesotans lost when Gov. Dayton signed that bill. People have health insurance but they can’t afford health care.

    Further, when Congress started debating the ACA, 85% of the people who had health insurance liked their plans. President Obama pushed a bill that Americans didn’t want down our throats. This election, the American people told Democrats up & down the ticket what they thought of the ACA. The people sided with Republicans by a fairly wide margin. Republicans now have 33 governors. 24 states have a Republican governor & majorities in the House & Senate. Compare that with Democrats having 5 states with a Democratic governor & Democratic majorities in the House & Senate.

    You can say what you want but the people have spoken loudly 3 of the last 4 elections. The question is this: when will you start listening to We The People?

  • Chad Q says:

    The progressives will never start listening to We The People because they believe anyone who voted for the GOP and Trump are a bunch of uneducated, racist, bigoted, rightwing nut jobs. I hope they keep those thoughts up so they never regain power again.

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